Rinne no Lagrange2 0

Lan! Welcome back!




Ok, this was left unsubbed for like 2 days now, and seeing that it is a recap episode (which may be the reason why no-one wants to sub it) I figured I should just watch it raw and brush up on my listening skills.

It turned out to be not too bad, but if I wasn’t so fixated on trying to figure out what each sentence meant I would have skipped this episode. In other words, recap episodes are a total waste of time unless:

  • You are new to this series as well as being lazy to marathon through S1.
  • You kinda forgot everything after a 3 month hiatus and need a refresher course.
  • You have nothing better to do.
  • You need to cover this episode, like me.

Nothing else to really add regarding the episode itself, interestingly though the recap was done via a “commentary” style that I’ve seen in the past – where characters assume their own roles, recap and then comment based on what was happening on-screen and/or bicker with each other. It is a more casual way to approach a recap episode, which isn’t really seen that often anyway so..I guess they tried to make things slightly more interesting for a change?

A little “recap” of why I decided to cover RnL2

I’m a little lazy to link to the original article (click on the RnL tag) so I’ll just write whatever I can recall, basically RnL is one of those rare times where I actually marathon an anime, even more-so when that decision is based on how “good” people said it was. Of course people claim X or Y anime are good all the time, so it was more of a combination based on what I’ve seen and heard.

The thing is, I did check out S1 ep1 pre-air, even though RnL did not make it into my watch list for that season due to it being packed to the brim with arguably better offerings. It seemed like a strange mix of genres, namely mecha; slice-of-life; action; along with a little yuri/fan-service. The even queerer thing is that the mix of genres actually blends pretty well together as a whole, or alternatively each episode has its own “theme”. A huge boon for RnL is that the visuals for RnL are at times pretty darn top-notch.

S1 was largely left inconclusive for the most part, so hopefully S2 will answer all the questions that S1 has posed. Although for many people including myself, I don’t really care too much about the eccentric plot (although plot still matters!) at this stage my attention is focused onto Madoka and Muginami (sorry Lan and Lan fans).

If watching anime isn’t serious business for you then perhaps RnL could be something worth checking out. Them Marus, seriously!

Random thoughts:

  • Phones that work underwater, someday.
  • Raw understanding (pun intended) is approximately 60-70%, what I understood was simple sentences and other stuff based on context and having prior knowledge beforehand.
  •  Little girls riding robots? Count me in on this one.
  • U mad bro?




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