Sankarea 11

A house does not necessarily make a home.




After taking a 1 week hiatus (or 2 in my case), Sankarea returns..In a bunny girl outfit! Additional bonuses include the maid and the nurse as well.

This seems to be it – the showdown and climax of the adaptation, which in my opinion was handled pretty decently and no I don’t mean the part about Rea being manhandled into wearing several different costumes. The confrontation itself is kind of chilling to watch as the points that are brought up are very real. It does seem a little odd for Furuya to be the one lecturing his “father”-in-law and not the other way around and that goes to show in both anime and real-life that maturity doesn’t necessarily come with age and vice versa.

Settling matters via fencing? Am I missing something out? Even Furuya knows that the proposal is outright ridiculous if not childish. The speech that Furaya gave puts most parents who lecture their kids to shame. Ultimately it what Rea feels that matters, and that is the reason why I feel sad for families whose parents force their children to do things they don’t want to (be it beneficial or not). What really surprised me though, is actually how readily Dan’ichiro accepted matters so easily despite having an opposite stance just mere moments ago. Let’s face it, people are usually stubborn especially when it comes to taking advice from others. Maybe deep down he understood his folly but was unable to come to terms about it until someone else pointed it out to him, or perhaps he suddenly saw the “light”, it is hard to determine.

Other than that, since the episode mainly focused on the exchange between Furuya and Dan’ichiro with Rea interjecting midway, that only leaves us with the concluding bit. There was a little rivalry going on between Wanko and Rea as Wanko’s words contained subtle hints of disdain while Rea is able to pick up the hidden agenda behind those words at the same time. As the manga is still ongoing, it is a safe bet to say that this love-triangle won’t be resolved anytime soon.

Again, the standard question to ask after this – What’s next? This episode clearly seems to be the conclusion to this adaptation so most likely an epilogue of sorts will happen next. The thing is, since another “arc” happens immediately, there is no such thing as an “epilogue” since there isn’t one to begin with. Therefore it all points to an anime-original ending which I am fine with as long as the writers don’t pull off anything too fanciful.

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