Tasogare Otome x Amnesia 11

Did I just watch the final episode?




No? It sure felt like one, or in fact it seemed appropriate as a final episode. TOxA continues to impress me, since if Yuuko accepting her other half isn’t the ending of this adaptation, then what is? If the screen writers are going to pull out a totally random episode (which I am all to used to seeing), I’m going to be so disappointed.

As a second-last episode, which honestly still feels like a final episode to me, both the expected and unexpected happened. While I would say it is fairly predictable after watching so many of the various “I need to accept my other half” type of shows, to think that the actual reason for Yuuko to embrace her other half and vice-versa is because of a crying Niiya. Crying boys make me cringe, no matter what the reason!

While I did say that the ending is obvious, the good thing is that most of the episode still had elements of surprises, the first being that Niiya and Yuuko had somewhat of a role reversal. As a result Yuuko’s memory disassociation, Niiya ended up being a ghost to Yuuko, who is ironically a ghost herself. As for the part where the both of them managed to communicate using the log book, it felt a little awkward to watch, the accompaniment music made up for it though.

The second surprise is the fate of Yukariko and Asa-chan after that fateful incident. This episode answered that question in the most direct way possible, Yukariko is now the principal of the school (which is a weird occupation to have), and Asa-chan happens to be Niiya’s grandmother (which explains why Niiya is able to see Yuuko in an indirect manner).

I can’t stress this enough, what made this episode spectacular to watch is a combination of the voice acting, background music and animation techniques, in particular the whole scene involving Niiya, Yuuko and Shadow Yuuko. The raw emotions emitted from the dialogues is something that will always remind me that a seiyuu’s job is definitely under appreciated.

This brings us to the last remaining question – What happens next? Rightfully as per the norm goes, when a ghost attains inner peace they no longer have a reason to stick around anymore. Since Yuuko is no longer a ghost with amnesia, will she still be the resident school ghost or will she move on to the afterlife? There was a short foreshadowing moment after the ED where she drops the lucky charm bell and it fell right through her hands for just a bit. If the signs don’t point to her having to move on then I don’t know what else can that signify.

Random thoughts:

  • Yuuko is probably the ghost that is closest to being alive, I mean – winter clothes and having a shadow?
  • Animation is a little sub-par for this episode.
  • I don’t know what’s up with Kirie but her poses are sort of scary.
  • Tempting sweets, not sure if the container is environmentally friendly though.
  • Poor rabbit, but the physics..how did it end up like that?
  • Taking a baseball bat and smashing everything around you is really dangerous and weird, do not try at home.

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