Sankarea 9

Mero is not impressed, I’m not impressed too.




Eh, really? For anyone who isn’t aware, this episode is obviously an anime-original one. The focus this time is on Mero, who hasn’t really gotten all that much lines or screen time since the start of the series and therefore she is relegated to do the previews to compensate for the lack of the former.

Unfortunately, unlike Wanko who recently had her own anime-original episode, Mero doesn’t appeal nor stand out to me as a character. Sure, she has the ever-so-famous-for-doing-imouto-roles seiyuu Iguchi Yuka voicing her but as aforementioned, Mero isn’t that all interesting to watch for me.

The weak premise of this episode didn’t help much either, in particular I mean the case of the “zombie teacher” and “zombie stew“. After all this is Sankarea we’re talking about, expecting real things to happen in a filler episode is a little far-fetched. Both of them were boring to sit and watch through, especially with the knowledge that nothing concrete is going to come out of the both of them.

The redeeming factor that helped alleviate some of the bad aftertaste in my mouth was the ending segment, where Mero bumped into Rea and her mannerisms reminded Mero of her late mother. Now this was at least worth the watch, as kinship is always a warm fuzzy thing to watch and it felt way more connected to the main storyline. Mero’s friends were quite frankly irrelevant in the grand scheme of things so I don’t even know why they were featured at all. Well, I don’t even remember their names so..

Watching filler episodes like this reminded me of the ones in Ao no Exorcist, where the filler episodes were plain random and really made no sense at all. I do not mind fillers or original content as long as they blend well with the ongoing plot. In comparison the Wanko episode 7 wasn’t too badly done (I’m biased!) although certain segments also felt like a chore to watch through. In the end, a good question to ask is – “If I skipped this episode and watched the next, will I miss out on anything?” If the answer to that is no, then I’m sorry to say that the filler episode didn’t do its job, and that is to keep the viewers entertained.

This is just my personal view on filler episodes and I’m sure different people will have differing opinions. If there are such things as a “good” episode then this would be considered a “bad” one. The purpose of such fillers is to drag things out so that the original source material doesn’t get consumed too quickly, in particular I’m sure the screen writers have probably decided beforehand what point to end the adaptation on so they probably will have to do a couple of such episodes in order to space the content out.

Verdict: I’m not impressed. It probably can’t be helped but at least they should try to come up with something more interesting.

Random thoughts:

  • At first I thought that one of the girl was a guy, not joking.
  • Yes eating raw livers will cause you to get a stomach upset. Not speaking from experience.
  • If something smells bad then it probably tastes bad too. Trust me.
  • Random offerings are…random?
  • Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?
  • I hope it isn’t just me, but I really noticed that they always have close-up shots of Mero’s face and she always makes meaningless sound effects, just an observation.
  • Furuya and the tomboyish girl would make good friends.

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