Sankarea 10

There is a saying that goes: “Man proposes, god disposes.”




Just as I said it, if last week’s episode can be considered “bad”, this week’s can be thought as “good”. Little has been known about Rea’s parents up till this point and this episode clearly explains why things turn out to be the way they are today. It was refreshing to watch despite knowing the contents of the episode beforehand. I’m sure non-manga viewers would be pleased with this episode as well, maybe not the contents itself but rather the premise of the whole Sanka family’s background.

Jumping right into the fray from a fortnight ago, Furuya is indeed abducted by Dan’ichiro’s men and he met Aria shortly after, who goes into an episode’s worth of family history. At the end of it all, it is really difficult to distinguish who is in the right and who is in the wrong since affairs of the heart isn’t clear-cut as compared to morals and the likes.

Starting with Aria, her alcoholic tendencies and coldness towards Rea is simply a result of Dan’ichiro’s negligence towards her. If anything, I would rather feel sorry for her as all her confidence and meticulous “planning” only landed her a role of a substitute in the end. If I were her I would have bailed long ago, after seeing a guy who is uninterested in bunny-maid girls. (ok I’m not like that actually) Even as a substitute I felt like she didn’t deserve the cold treatment that she had got after sticking it out for Dan’ichiro after all these years. After that fateful incident that day it finally seemed like she gave up for good. Now, the crucial factor that determines whether she deserves sympathy or not lies in whether she truly loved Dan’ichiro or whether she is just another one of those women who are “in for the money”. If it is the former then she deserves some kind of sympathy in the least but if it is the latter then..good luck?

Dan’ichiro, what happened dude? You were the suave guy who would give anything for the sake of love, then turned into a total wreck the next moment and finally becoming someone who is insanely obsessed with his own daughter. For someone who grew up in a normal environment this probably wouldn’t have happened. But I guess the elites are brought up in a different manner, till the point where being served by bunny-maid girls is the norm. That being said, after being nurtured in a protective environment for a prolonged period of time, a taste of something normal would feel special at that point. Simple analogy to convey what I’m trying to say: “If a person grew up eating nothing but bird’s nest; shark’s fin and all other kinds of high-class food, even a simple commoner’s meal would taste more heavenly than any delicacy after a certain point.

Rea’s birth mother would be the commoner’s meal and those maids would be the delicacies. While I wouldn’t say it is fate, he meeting her is like experiencing a whole new emotion which is love after living in a sheltered environment for so long. Up till this point he is still quite the admirable and enviable guy, but everything after becomes a slippery slope. Rea’s mother death led him to self-abandonment and although he eventually recovered from it, he proceeded to project the image of Rea’s mother onto Rea herself, thus the unhealthy obsession. Many people probably feel that he is a freak or a creep (rhyme not intended), but I would say given how he was brought up and how Rea’s mother literally changed his outlook on life, it isn’t too far-fetched to see why he became so crazed about her.

As for Rea herself, she can’t quite choose her heritage and thus inevitably she is made to bear the burdens that both her stepmother and father unload onto her. One thing is for sure though, Rea definitely deserves sympathy. Although it doesn’t necessarily translates into real life, sometimes it is better to be normal than to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous, yes they have insane amounts of privileges that us commoners don’t, but let us not forget that those very privileges comes at a heavy price.

Random thoughts:

  • Why did Aria suddenly become so tanned? She is shown to be much fairer in the past.
  • Why is there a peephole situated at the bookshelves? What is this butler dude plotting?
  • Furuya is a man for digging only zombie chicks, then again maybe not.
  • How did Babu get here? Genuine question.

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