Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? OF THE DEAD 10 FINAL

Who would have thought the actual last boss was actually..As Ayumu always says: “DESU YO NE!”



I certainly wasn’t expecting this to happen, but it did. The whole Chris affair has been totally avoided and instead the surprise last boss is actually Another Alternative Dark Ayumu. Similar to last week’s episode this one was really random and its actual relation to plot is close to zero. Let’s summarize quickly over what happened shall we?

  • Ayumu has to take a “surprise” test in order to stand a chance to defeat Chris.
  • Said test ended up to be saving the girls from the ecchi slime. (where oh where have I seen those before..)
  • Ayumu fails test and as a result has his memory wiped, or rather he had amnesia. (see what I did there)
  • In order to gain his memory back Haruna and gang enter his subconsciousness and ended up facing Ayumu in his various seven deadly sins forms.
  • The strongest of which, Sloth or Belphegor took over Ayumu’s body and begins trolling around.
  • That act forces Eu to transform and proceed to restore his memory, getting old Ayumu back.

Someone tell me what has that got to do with defeating Chris except for the first point. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a whine post, as I really enjoyed watching each and every episode of Zombie, including this one. Honestly if I didn’t know this was the final episode beforehand I would have thought that there would be episode 11 or even 12. (as with normal one-cour shows)

It was a good; funny episode for Zombie, no surprises there. However I felt that my expectations went up a little to high as I was expecting more given the status of a final episode. For a regular episode this is hilarious (though still not as good as the maid cafe one, episode 4 was it?), the slime part was fairly standard and the seven deadly sins thing isn’t the most uncommon either, but they are still the go-to “themes” to use when going for the gold.

What is often overshadowed by the comedy and gags is actually the drama and melancholy that is rarely seen but present in several episodes. When was the last time we saw Eu transform and get all emotional? That was certainly in S1, while the emotional roller coaster wasn’t as wild as compared to S1, this episode does a decent job with tugging our heartstrings with Eu semi-confessing to Ayumu while trying to regain his memories back.

Based on how S1 ended and if the ending is of any indication, when is the next season coming? The main plot remains unsolved, more new characters to be introduced, I can see it, season three in the works. (As usual though sequels are subjected to disc sales, popularity etc)

Final Impressions:

Despite having a less than stellar final episode, Zombie still ranks highly amongst my favourites for this season, simply because not only is the comedy top-notch, who else in the world has a more diverse harem than Ayumu with distinct personalities? The best part about that is that Ayumu is actually one of the few male protagonists who is deserving of a harem.

Although genres like these are mainstream and pretty much a given in each and every season, Zombie still manages to stand out from the rest with superb voice acting, sometimes throwing in a pinch of seriousness every now and then. (Ayumu especially with all his weird sound effects) A good comedic show is one that makes people laugh, or even better, laugh out loud, Zombie is one of those few shows that actually made me do just that because certain gags are really just that silly to watch. A good harem show is one that preferably has a likable male lead, and more importantly the harem members must appeal to the audience.

  • Eu has gotten way more lines this season and the omake section is seriously some of the best omakes that I’ve seen.
  • Haruna does what Haruna does best, being a “genius” masou shoujo, oh and she cooks delicious fried eggs.
  • Sera, I’m sure certain viewers are secretly M for her insults and that dynamite body.
  • Tomonori, my personal favourite, deredere is the best dere of them all!
  • Saras, I will miss her “my darling” I guess.

While the production values aren’t the highest, animation can be sub par at times, I feel that the overall strengths of the show outweigh the flaws that it has. Don’t forget to listen to the sound track at certain times too. The animation for the ED though, I seriously love it, as it is like a total upgrade from S1. S2 didn’t leave a strong lasting impression as compared to S1 since the weakest link for S2 is undoubtedly it’s plot, or the lack thereof.

At the end of the day, it still boils down to a simple question: “Do I enjoy watching this show?” Despite X reason that makes it bad or Y makes it so awesome, as long as I don’t feel like I have to drag myself through an episode, I’m willing to overlook any shortcomings and focus on the positives instead. Zombie can definitely be underrated since it wasn’t on my radar initially when S1 aired but once I started on episode 1 I never looked back.

Random thoughts:


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