Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? OF THE DEAD 9

What exactly am I watching again, my darling?




I’m going to be honest, I don’t really get the point of this penultimate episode. Is it an episode dedicated to Saras? Is it an episode about introducing Nene? Or is it about embarking on the journey to the west defeating Chris? It might very well be all three of them.

Saras, the newest member of Ayumu’s harem has arguably the least screen time and is also the most distant from him. To rectify that problem I guess she deserved half an episode for her turn to shine go deredere towards Ayumu. When I saw the concert ticket and mentions of a promise, I thought: “promises are supposed to be broken aren’t they?” Given Ayumu’s plight midway, I was certain that he would miss Saras concert (she sure does a lot of these huh?) but it turned out that he barely made it and scored some affection points. I endorse Tomonori 100% but I guess everyone should get their own turn eh? It was nice to see her say some normal words from her foul-mouth for once too.

Next, in Ayumu’s quest to defeat the strongest Masou Shoujo Chris and under the recommendation of Eu, Ayumu seeks out Naegleria or more affectionately known as Nene. There is a saying that looks can be deceiving, but really? So Chris is the strongest Masou Shoujo in Virie and Nene is the strongest warrior in the Underworld..Well at least she didn’t agree to Ayumu’s request since it would probably turn this world into ashes given how strong they are. Now what I have just said can be deemed totally redundant since Nene seemed to have moved on from her old ways and is now a…

Mangaka, an extremely tired one too presuming that she has to burn midnight oil to meet the deadlines like all mangaka do. I could have sworn that whenever I see some form of a shower scene, things like this, I mean this are bound to happen. As for the whole drawing session, I don’t really know what to say about that, since it has no relation to plot nor was it comedic or anything like that.

In the end, Chris and Nene are like drinking buddies when not fighting? Seems legit. Anyway, despite this episode being way too random especially when considering the method about tickling Chris is kinda moot and that Nene refuses to help Ayumu, I still enjoyed watching this episode since it stayed true to what Zombie does best – being totally random yet entertaining. How exactly are they going to defeat Chris? My guess is as good as yours.

Random thoughts:

  • No Tomonori this week, I’m sad.
  • Sugoi dynamite body indeed.
  • How on Earth can someone cook up something like this I will never know.
  • Omake Eu is good at drawing BL eh? Damn!
  • Why is Anderson so afraid of Nene though, probably because of her reputation in the Underworld?

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