Tasogare Otome x Amnesia 9

So now we have Black Rock Shooter impersonations instead of Persona..




The Shadow Yuuko arc continues and I must say I’m really impressed since episode 7, not to count the earlier ones out, but the current arc is truly bringing out the mystery and horror aspects of TOxA instead of the usual comedy fanfare. The comedic moments were present along with just the right amount of fan-service

Now that Yuuko has regained her memories of Niiya back, she is back into the spotlight (and screen-caps) along with her various acts of flirting. However, things aren’t the same as before, as noted by Kirie:

  • Firstly her memory seemed to have gaps in it, in particular she remembers Niiya but not all the events that they had together, the Cursed Rock is an example of that. Anything related to her memories and past is more likely than not forgotten, or rather dissociated onto Shadow Yuuko.
  • Secondly Yuuko isn’t exactly the Yuuko that we all know and come to adore at the start of the series. She still flirts with Niiya all the same, but the negative emotions that come along with it are starting to surface. Feelings of jealousy; embarrassment (now that’s a first); loneliness were witnessed. What could be inferred from this is that part of the feelings and memories that she has passed on to Shadow Yuuko are slowly being absorbed back by her, unknowingly.

Shadow Yuuko finally gains a proper form instead of being the black mass with a creepy smile that she was portrayed as up till now. Oh she looks just like Black Rock Shooter Yuuko? Not very surprising there, she’s definitely back with a vengeance as she seeks to merge or at least have Yuuko remember all the painful memories and the bitter feelings that she has pushed on to Shadow Yuuko.

Honestly I don’t see how this whole affair can be resolved without Yuuko having to accept her other self along her past. But before that there is a blast into the past, something that is seen all too often but it’s Yuuko’s past we’re talking about! Totally looking forward to it. If the pacing is of any indication, this arc should wrap up nicely along with the whole adaptation as well. Most likely we’ll be seeing the exact events leading up to Yuuko’s death and despite watching 3 episodes back to back it looks like I’ll finally have to wait again for the next. Such a tease!

Random thoughts:

  • Not sure if I want to be in Niiya’s position while taking a test.
  • Moral of the story is: Omelets are never meant to be fed.
  • Who in the world throws a swimming board and falls into the swimming pool? Oh..
  • The niku (meat) written on Okonogi’s head reminds me very much of Sena in Haganai.
  • So, Yuuko is a ghost and ghosts don’t have shadows do they?
  • The bigger question is – Why can Shadow Yuuko appear anywhere and that the original can’t? She is supposed to be a ghost yes?

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