Tasogare Otome x Amnesia 8

I almost forgotten why this series is titled TOxA..Wait, who are you?




More specifically, I meant the amnesia part. As time went by I think we’ve all forgotten that Yuuko suffers from amnesia, currently and in the past. Thankfully the seriousness from the last episode carried over to this, as each of the main characters adapt to the absence of Yuuko.

Unfortunately for Kirie, Niiya didn’t get the underlying meaning for her “I’ll take her place if you can’t forget about her” line. I could have sworn lines like these are pretty obvious but then again dense protagonists seem to always exist in the majority of anime with any traces of romance in it. Usually it is just a move to make the viewers feel jealous and thus the lure of watching such shows to fulfill the fantasies that we all can’t have in real life. I’m a victim too, so no worries there.

Kirie not only has to grow out her hair and drink more milk, but she should also learn to be more aggressive like Okonogi. After being left to the sidelines as a comedic relief character for most of the series, she finally gets her chance to shine without the presence of Yuuko both figuratively and in terms of screen time. From helping him out; to PE; to having lunch together; to having her friends pull some strings, she sure got the bigger slice of Niiya compared to the other two heroines. Conforming to the golden rule, side characters like her never stood a fighting chance and she even knows that one way or the other. At the least she did get loads of screen time, though I really could use more of Yuuko.

Speaking of Yuuko, she is hardly seen at all for majority of this episode, due to her amnesia and how Niiya is unable to see her anymore because he was (sub)consciously was trying to avoid her. Conforming to the golden rule once again, the main protagonist somehow always suddenly realize what he must do, and that was to try to make Yuuko remember the times they spent together.

As cliche as it can get, Niiya professes his love for her and guess what actually worked instead? I’m not going to put that into words, it was a cheap “get out of jail free” card that they pulled honestly, but that didn’t make the whole segment any less fulfilling to watch. The music and scenery were beautiful, the lines leading up to the confession were rather standard but always a treat to see nonetheless.

Yuuko getting her memories of Niiya back is probably only half of the mystery solved, as the shadow still remains at large and interestingly enough this picture of Yuuko shows that there could be a possibility that she has a twin, that is what I’m speculating. At least the fun level will be back to normal after this since a Yuuko that keeps going “who are you?” and looks gloomy all the time is no fun at all!

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