Tasogare Otome x Amnesia 7

I am a shadow..The true self!




Oh wow oh wow, I know I’m extremely late with this, but I just watched this episode awhile ago and I’m blown away. I still remember mentioning this in episode 6 way back that the main problem with this show is the lack of a central plot and a focal genre, and boom this was the episode that finally delivered after all the build-up on the previous episodes.

Obvious Persona references aside which I can’t help but get a vibe of, this episode is probably 10% comedy, 10% ecchi and 80% seriousness. The opening piano scene felt like a random plot arc in the manga so I won’t really comment on it.

I should’ve known it sooner, but when I saw the semblance of the shadow compared with Yuuko, I immediately thought of Yuuko’s dark side, which was mentioned by Kirie shortly after. It makes sense after all, how can a ghost have no malign feelings or even negative emotions in that regard? All the more so since she is a ghost and therefore a supernatural being, her dark side being able to manifest a will and form of its own wouldn’t be too strange either.

Indeed, the shadow that was seen towards the end of episode 6 is actually Yuuko’s repressed feelings and memories. Much like a coin has two sides to it, there is the flip side of Yuuko’s constant cheerful and easy-going nature. An interesting bit revealed was the exact cause behind Yuuko’s death, although I’m quite surprised that the truth didn’t change anything at all.

I don’t really get why some people reject or refuse to accept certain aspects of themselves, but that is also the reason why Shadow Yuuko exists in the first place. More importantly, I really wonder what happened towards the end of the episode – Did the shadow merge with Yuuko? The cliffhanger is killing me, but thankfully I wouldn’t have to wait a whole week to find out what happens next. The shadow did mention something along the lines of repeating the cycle again, which seems to be happening in the ending minutes of this episode. What exactly does she see herself as in Niiya’s eyes?

Did Yuuko really forget Niya because once again she tried to suppress her unpleasant memories and therefore “repeating the cycle”? I’m getting real curious right now. There are still a few more episodes to go though so once this major arc is resolved things might just go back to the “normal” TOxA that we’ve been watching for the past 6 episodes. I’m catching up on episodes 8 and 9 shortly so stay tuned!

Random thoughts:

  • It was not just a Persona vibe but I also got a Hyouka one..
  • I really like the aesthetics of this show and episode, the black faces of redundant people, the constant change in scenery.
  • When will I ever get this kind of situation in class? Probably never.
  • Yuuko is jealous! Oh noes!
  • Niiya looked kinda dead but in the end he just broke a leg and had a bandaged head..Hmm..
  • Them lunches never fail to look delicious..
  • Yandere alert!

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