Fate Zero 22

The final countdown begins!




If people had been paying attention, there is a countdown timer at the end of every(?) Fate Zero episode, signifying how much time was left towards the end of the 4th Holy Grail war. After this episode the timer is finally at 4 hours, I can see it..the ending!

Somehow it turned out that Waver’s “grandparents” aren’t really affected by his spell. That did not prevent the two of them from sharing a “family” moment together, though I really questioned the purpose of their whole chat – What exactly was the intention for such a scene? Was it really necessary? More importantly just before the final confrontation, Waver finally uses all of his command seals, to basically sever the Master/Servant relationship between him and Rider. Now this portion is open to interpretation as to why exactly he did that, without reading into spoilers my guess would be that he did not want to be a physical/emotional burden to Rider. A less probable reasoning would be that he is afraid of the fight ahead and probably wants to escape, which isn’t the final case as he is seen riding into battle alonside Rider as his equal. The novel should probably explain his thoughts since adaptations usually cut out certain dialogues and scenes.

It would be really interesting to see how the command spells would take effect, while technically they can’t be completely achieved, my thoughts are on whether they would boost Rider’s combat prowess when he faces off against Archer next week. The result is probably known but it would still be interesting to see how overpowered Archer is, and whether the command spells have an actual effect or not.

On the more heinous side of things, Kirei finally found a reason to fight, although that reason still does not leave him with a proper wish for the holy grail. Exactly what good does it serve for him to crush Kiritsugu’s dreams I wouldn’t know, but the way I see it is that the both of them are almost like polar opposites. Kiritsugu’s wish to end conflict forever goes against human nature and therefore that desire can only be granted by the holy grail, whereas Kirei recognizes that removing conflict forever doesn’t make any sense at all, which is true from a certain standpoint. Essentially, what is life without struggles? If we do not know the meaning of suffering how will we ever enjoy bliss?

What Iri said before her demise was true – Kirei is more or less an empty person with no ideals, a stark contrast compared to Kiritsugu who has his convictions and beliefs. People have always been comparing and contrasting the two of them for a long time now, and I guess this is the first direct comparison that we have regarding the both of them.

In other parts of the world, or perhaps not..Let me amend that, inside the holy grail many Iris were seen, presumably those are either failed products or more likely the past grail vessels that the Einzbern created. I really liked how certain scenes such as this one are open to interpretation as well as the aforementioned Waver/Rider scene. I’m not entirely sure what Illya symbolizes in there though, then again she is the next vessel after all so it isn’t too strange for her to be there.

The key thing though, is the dark matter that is contaminating the grail, and actually that is a huge deal. This may be spoilerish to some but the grail isn’t all that holy at all and this is the first glimpse of what is to come. I’m not sure if the hints are obvious enough for viewers with no knowledge of the Fate series to understand though.

Last but not least, the final stage is set, with none other than Kirei himself being the aggressor. With Archer by his side, arguably the strongest Servant and Berserker as a temporary ally of sorts, I really can’t wait to see how everything unfolds from hereon, I absolutely expect no punches to be held back, although the upcoming Archer vs Rider battle isn’t the one I’m most looking forward to, Waver and Rider already have had enough screen time and I rather see the mystery behind Berserker finally revealed even though I already know his identity.

Random thoughts:

  • Poor Kiritsugu is alone again and damn not sleeping for 40 hours?
  • What’s with strangling people/homunculus these days?

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