Fate Zero 21





Now I get why this was a possible rage-inducing episode since I heard comments about it when the episode aired. Personally the ending wasn’t overly shocking nor did it make me mad, I could certainly see why it hit the nerves of some people.

Once again, it seemed like a straightforward episode when the opening scene reminded me more of “Need For Speed” or “Grand Theft Auto”, however F/Z being F/Z, there are bound to be twists and turns (pun intended). It didn’t dawn on me at first, but reflecting back, it did seem out-of-character for Rider to kidnap Iri. Even so, it seemed like it was still too much of a coincidence for the real Rider to have bumped into Saber.

Their battle though, was one-sided thanks to Getsuga Tensho Excalibur. Rider lost his chariot in the process too, talk about broken flashy abilities. The way the whole affair concluded though seemed a little odd to me, it was almost as if both parties weren’t engaging each other seriously enough. Perhaps it is the chivalry or code of conduct that they honour, but still to suddenly fight and to suddenly just leave like that left a very strange taste in my mouth even though I can’t quite put that into words yet.

On the flip side of things, as Kiritsugu figured, the main culprit was actually Kariya who used two command seals to firstly force Berserker to take the form of Rider and secondly to forcibly control him since he is Berserker after all. As Zouken noted, slowly but surely Kirei is slowly awakening to his true nature. I can’t wait for the final showdown, but one thing of note is that the quality the battles thus far are so incredible that each of them are fit enough to be the final confrontation for other anime.

Lastly, the ending scene that may cause some viewers to rage because..well I don’t really know? To me, it just goes to show that there is a very thin line between the boundaries of love and hate, that is also why we have tsunderes. Another important thing is that desperation causes people to do things that they usually don’t. Why do drowning people grasp at straws? The logic and reasoning are the same. When people are desperate, they are taken over by their natural instincts, in Kariya’s case, his was driven to a corner when Aoi refused to believe that he was set-up. The final straw broke for him when Aoi further provoked him in her moment of grief; anger and sorrow.

If anything, I actually feel sorry for Kariya, all the pain and suffering he endured for the sake of the person he secretly held a torch for was invalidated in an instant. It was not just disappointment he felt, but his beliefs and his will and purpose for fighting in the Holy Grail war were dashed by mere words, strong emotional words. His hopes crushed, dreams shattered, where will he go from here? Now that he has been driven into the corner, I assume that his exit from the war will be imminent.

Somehow there isn’t really too much to speak of for this episode, it may just be me though. Out of the three major scenes as briefly described in the above paragraphs, the only one worthy of mention is in fact the ending. If an episode in F/Z could be called “weak”, this would be one of the “weaker” ones.

Random thoughts:

  • Using Invisible Air to boost the motorcycle? That’s cheating!
  • Even with the above, how in the world does Saber travel at let’s say 200+km/h along the edge of a valley? Auto-pilot anyone?
  • Infinite command seals, that’s cheating too!
  • I see what you did there.
  • When will I ever get an episode without anyone dying?

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