Sankarea 8

Now this is what I call development. Excuse me I meant – plot development.




Slowly but surely, the pacing is starting to speed up, which is always a good thing for Sankarea. A good rule of the thumb that I use to gauge an episode is based on whether I pause or look at the seeker to see how much time has elapsed. I tend to watch “good” episodes in a full sitting without even realizing that the episode is ending. Vice versa, when an episode isn’t too hot, I tend to pause and get side-tracked or check how much time is left.

Still, this episode wasn’t all too bad compared to the previous few, if anything I would say this is one of the better episodes so far, depending on whether one supports the original Wanko-only episode.

This episode picked off from exactly where episode 6 left off, and despite zombies not requiring the need to sleep nor to go to the toilet, apparently they do need new clothes. Oh wait.. I think it reflects very well here and in real life, why girls love shopping and why guys don’t. It may be stereotyping on my part, and I know it doesn’t apply to everyone, but I just don’t really understand the mentality of shoppers.

Now the bathroom part, is once again completely original. I didn’t compare, but when the scene shifts into something totally random and unrelated, chances are that it is original material. Thankfully it wasn’t too long and there was some Wanko-service again for those who haven’t got sick of it.

The highlight though, was the attempted kidnapping of Rea, which resulted in Plan B – the kidnapping of Furuya. I don’t really know what to say, for one it was attempted in broad daylight; for two swinging benches around isn’t exactly a normal sight either. The whole event unfolded in a particularly amusing manner, first with the Yasutaka and the henchmen with their lip-reading and kidnapping skills. My guess is that it wasn’t meant to be taken too seriously since this show does have comedy elements to it as well.

Silliness aside, this particular act is more of a setup for the next episode, where Rea’s dad seems to be the final boss of the series. Pacing-wise I’m not sure how they’re going to space things out but once again we shall see.

Random thoughts:

  • Why is no one questioning Rea eating leaves, poisonous ones at that?
  • Observation is just an excuse sir!
  • So he likes zombies but is afraid of real ones..doesn’t seem legit.
  • Kore wa Zon Bee desu ka?

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