Sankarea 7

Sankarea without Sanka Rea? What is happening?




This is it ladies and gentlemen, when I saw the preview I already knew that it was going to be an entirely anime original episode. While I didn’t mind the idea of it since Wanko/the childhood friend archtype could use some love and attention, the execution of this particular episode left me feeling a little unsatisfied.

My main gripe was that the episode focused too much on the childhood part and too little on the present, which in my opinion was more enjoyable to watch. I just don’t really like kiddies all that much actually therefore my vote goes to the yukata Wanko over the loli Wanko.

It is strange and I don’t really understand how it works but for some reason or other, I’ve rarely seen any childhood friend end up with the main character, and I think we all know that doesn’t work in the real world. Keeping those fantasies alive eh? I don’t really buy the whole puppy love thing though, sorry for being realistic. Even so, it is still admirable for Wanko to like someone as dull as Furuya for so long, everyone in the world knows about that too, including themselves.

The whole thing about them being cousins also raises a cause for concern, but personally I don’t really care about that because it isn’t in real life and well if it isn’t real things could be a whole lot worse with tons of incestuous stuff out there. To be fair I believe Japan allows first-degree cousins to get married, though I’m not entirely sure if it is even illegal in other places.

Ignoring the above paragraph because it isn’t really the focal point, let’s face it, why would any half-decent guy prefer zombies over a girl, and Wanko at that? Well cousins aside, that might be a good point actually but if they weren’t cousins and actually why are they cousins in the first place? I’m not going to try to make sense out of it because what I have come to accept that certain factors in anime are meant to be taken as it is and not dissected and analyzed.

I’ve come to realize that Sankarea is a series that I don’t really have much to talk about because things are as straightforward as it is, without any major twists or hidden meanings so far. In fact it even feels a little slice-of-lifey with more emphasis on romcom. I have said it many times and I will say it again, the show still makes for a good watch but the pacing could have seriously been faster, with this original episode it also goes to show that the plot is being intentionally slowed down. I’m really curious to see where they are heading with this. I’m all for original endings as long as they’re executed well but from experience most of them are usually wrecks though. We shall see.

Random thoughts:

  • Furuya still looks worse as a kid, he should make friends with Haru.
  • 2 years later and they haven’t grown a single bit, damn!
  • I like zombies too, killing them!
  • Y U NO KISS?!
  • Yes pictures 26 and 27 are duplicates, fail quality check from me and I’m too lazy to remedy it.

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