Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? OF THE DEAD 8

This is exactly why we shouldn’t judge people by their looks..She is scary!

Notes: Double Sankarea next, double F/Z after and finally double TOxA for a better flow.



I remember what I said when I was writing for the previous episode – That I wouldn’t be surprised if the next had little relation to the ongoing plot. That statement was probably half-true I guess. In a sense this was still plot related, but it didn’t have the ominous feel to it, though there was a flashback of those good old moments in S1.

I don’t know how Ayumu does it, but he is certainly getting all the girls! Even someone as scary as Kyouko is also swayed by his “charms”. Please teach me those secrets Gaia! Talking about Kyoko, for someone who only made cameo appearances in S2, to get a full episode devoted just for her is no small feat.

I was wondering throughout the episode, what Kyoko’s true intentions are. She seems to be teasing Ayumu on purpose just to put him in a spot, as an act of vengeance. On the other hand, she seems like she wants to enjoy the mixer as well. Well, after being imprisoned for eons and with more to come for her, it is not really surprising that she doesn’t really understand herself well anymore. In other simpler words, she has a screw loose in her head somewhere, that is the only logical conclusion I can think of. That instantaneous yandere mode change scares me! I reckon that she would make good friends with Yuno from Mirai Nikki.

Let’s put ourselves in her shoes, if you’re a prisoner and suddenly you have a day of freedom, what would you do? I wouldn’t even know what to do after being disconnected from the world for so long. Therefore it isn’t really surprising for her to want to do absolutely random stuff as long as she enjoys herself.

If anything, the ending segment was a testimony to what an underrated show this is, many people dismiss it for the overzealous fan-service which I admit is slightly excessive this time round. People also dismiss it for the general lack of plot development, which is true too. Looking back, we have about 7 episodes combined which is totally “plot-less”. Plot related elements could probably be combined into a single episode instead. Back to the point, the ending reminds me of the classic moments in S1 with the nostalgic music and even the backdrop, my point being in spite of all the fun and laughter, this series can deliver a proper emotional tale as well. Chris’s background is also another thing to look out for.

As the episode ended, I was wondering if we would find out Chris’s weakness, which was the whole point of the episode..And it turns out that she does indeed have a weakness. But the question is: “Is it legit?

Random thoughts:

  • Ok, let’s be realistic, those are too big.
  • Can I attend the mixer too? Let’s get rid of the Mask Donalds guy!
  • Hiramatsu finally gets her chance! But alas it was only a game.
  • All their various reactions never fail to amuse me.
  • Reminder to self to play King’s game sometime soon.

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