Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? OF THE DEAD 7

The loli last boss appears!

Note: I’m back after short absence due to Diablo III, I’ll try to get everything back on track, so that might take a while and there might also be a small drop in quality/quantity as I slowly try to get back into rhythm.

This is the moment we have all been waiting for! Anyone who has watched Zombie S1 would know that there was a sudden shift in terms of plot development. In what was a seemingly follow-up to the previous episode, things are starting to look pretty serious soon, even though it was still a fairly light-hearted episode compared to the ones seen in S1. I really liked how everything flowed really well from one point to another as well, the comedy is still golden though as per normal!

Since I was expecting the story to advance rather soon, the biggest surprise that came to me was the fact that Eu had more actual lines than the total of S1+S2 omake combined! (my rough guesstimate) It was actually really amusing to see the role reversal between her and Haruna, as an added bonus the delusions themselves are voiced by their actual seiyuus, with Haruna too! I seriously LOLed when I heard Eu asking Ayumu why he didn’t fantasize about her today.

Of course the biggest point of the episode was focused on the true nature of Yousei-san, or should I call her Chris from now on? Now we also know why she was constantly drunk in the chemical lab, that was so well-played. While I did know who the antagonist of this season is due to being accidentally spoilered while browsing through the web, I was curious to know how and why Chris is the baddie of S2.

The fact that Chris isn’t exactly the kind of angsty antagonist also intrigues me. Usually the norm for antagonists are the usual bad guys who want to take over the world or are inherently evil for some unknown reason, but Chris is just a little girl, a very strong one at that though! What are her true motives?

From hereon things are going to going to get real exciting I hope, although I have to say that a completely irrelevant episode might happen next. That would severely disrupt the flow and pacing though so now is the time to show the world what made S1 such an underrated show. I remember Zombie S1 not even being on the radar but after checking episode 1 out it was an instant must-watch for me, the plot twist took that to a whole new level even. Will S2 deliver what S1 did? I can’t wait!

Random thoughts:

  • Haruna sure got her signs ready.
  • Tomonori being so HNGH as usual! I kinda want to mention her but it wasn’t relevant to the plot at all.
  • Looks like Orito’s fantasy came true!
  •  Fantasizing about Haruna isn’t exactly a good idea.

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