Tasogare Otome x Amnesia 6

Yuuko-san meets Yuuko-san?

Note: This will be a slightly shorter post as I try and figure out what is the best way to go about doing digestive posts, no captions as well but who even reads those anyway?


Focus of the episode:

This was an interesting episode, namely because while the usual fair of plot-less comedic moments, the mystery aspects of it were greatly ramped up with the introduction of the Redman, who is yet another supernatural phenomenon apart from Yuuko. Except not quite, as it is in fact Yuuko who is the culprit, or should I call her Kirishima instead? I wonder if she will be part of the harem, which certainly could use more members, especially since she seemed to be able to see the other Yuuko.

Thoughts on the episode:

I initially thought this is like part two of the cultural festival, well that turned out to be half right actually.

It seems to me that they are slowly building up on the shadow-thing that we’ve seen in the past to be the finale arc, or maybe that mystery will be finally resolved in the next episode? Given how the past episodes have turned out, I wouldn’t really be surprised if the next episode turned out to be something completely unrelated.

What I liked about the episode was that they are slowing veering towards the darker side of things, and less on the lighthearted moments. People have been complaining that this adaptation felt like a mixed bag genres, with nothing as the focal point, which I won’t disagree with. So far I feel they have balanced it quite well, although some others don’t really think so.

What I disliked about the episode was that a couple of scenes lasted way too long, especially the student-mass-hysteria part. Honestly that was a little jarring to watch after it got dragged out for quite awhile.

Lastly, random fan service scene popping out (excuse the pun) of nowhere is always welcomed surprising.

Poor Okonogi, as I suspected when I first watched the series she is destined to be pigeonholed into being a comic relief character. That doesn’t make her any less cute to watch though!

Closing words:

So this is my first “digestive” post, it isn’t really that short but it is still shorter than the usual. Hopefully this change would make for a refreshing read! A drop in quality is to be expected since this type of posts is generally done in a shorter amount of time, but the main purpose of doing this type of post is to focus on the main goal of the episode and cut down on the rest. Sometimes the quantity isn’t everything! And I personally dislike reading huge walls of text also as well as being long-winded. If anything I would rather write shorter posts in the future, now I just need to polish up on my summarizing skills without actually summarizing the episode word for word.


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