Diablo 3 Launch Event Singapore

Coverage of the Diablo 3 Launch Event in Singapore. Evil is back after 12 years!






Time frame of events:

  • Woke up at 6am
  • Reached the venue at 7am
  • Queue started to move at 8.30am
  • Actual verification process starts at 9am
  • Got my verification ticket at 10~am
  • Went back home to rest and got back at 2.30~pm
  • Countdown at 3pm
  • Waited to redeem my until 4.30pm

Part I: Verification

So I just got back home after approximately a 3-hour plus queue to get my verification number. I reached the place 2 hours earlier and yet I estimated around 200+ people to be ahead of me. The queue is one of the most ridiculous ones I’ve seen so far. Serious word of advice from me is to go early, way early. A small sacrifice of sleep triumphs the horrors of being stuck in an unending queue for hours. My wait time was already around 3 hours, imagine what it will be like for those who arrive from 9am onwards.

Part II: Collection + Launch

I’m back and I’m really disappointed. Now I’m a tired and frustrated individual. My biggest gripe missing the autograph session by a little bit. The biggest irony was that they were actually signing anything, from D2 boxes; bags; laptops; shirts; posters; books; mini Tyrael boxes from Blizzcon’11. I didn’t even spot any official cosplay, I might have missed those but that also means they didn’t stick to their bloody schedule.

What does that mean? Long bloody story short, the best course of action was to collect the box from an external source, (yes it was released early on May 14) go down at 3pm to countdown, collect autograph and GTFO. Why bother to queue 3 hours for a verification slip and wait another 1.5 hour to collect a standard box when everyone else is getting their’s hassle free? I feel even worse for the people who are queuing for verification when I came back and even more so for those who are still queuing when I left.

My number was 26, there are 12 persons per number, I’ve seen people holding up to 200+, it took me 1.5 hour to collect my box, do the maths. I will stop ranting here, because in the end these are just empty words of anger that mean nothing to anyone, except for those who are foolish enough to attend the event like me.

Morale of the bloody story is simple: “If you can’t organize a good party, then please don’t host one.

PS: As a slap to the face, my CD-drive isn’t working, I didn’t even know since I haven’t used it for such a long time. Now going through the slow painful process of downloading it digitally hence this is the reason why I have the time to do this write-up. gg


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