Taking it to the next level

Advisory: This is an announcement concerning the current status on the site. This might come off as a little lengthy. Important points will be summarized in point form.

Q: So what has been happening?

To be honest, I have been thinking about the future of this site and the direction to take after overworking on it for almost two months. Currently I feel that I am doing alright namely because –

  • I’m quite happy that I have shed off the rust when it comes down to my writing skills and style.
  • I’m doing something “productive”.
  • I figured out how to stream stuff from my computer! Might start streaming soon.

Writing is never an easy task, I would be lying if I said I did not struggle nor feel like slacking at times. I still enjoy the process of writing because it allows me to explore my thoughts and as well as helping to articulate;  better express myself. At times I would wonder if my posts are too short, or rarely; too long. Personally I’m not a fan of reading walls of text and nowadays I have a tendency to speed read.

Why am I saying all this? If anyone reads this site regularly or notices, my posts are usually 1 day late. My original aim is to get each post out within 24 hours of the episode’s airing time. And this is where a small problem cropped up –

  • Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? subs are usually delayed, to the point that I actually start working on them the day after.
  • This in turn pushes every post one day back because while I technically can crank out two posts a day to play “catch-up”, I have other priorities to attend to, more importantly I’m still a lazy person at heart.

Of course I can just let things remain the same as it is and just let the posts be slightly delayed, but with changes to my schedule looming over the horizon, I have to make adjustments to better allocate my time as well as to ensure a minimum level of quality. There is no point in getting an episodic post out after the episode has aired for a week plus really. In fact this post itself is severely delayed, I planned to write this post quite sometime back in April but I never really found the spare time to do so.

I wouldn’t say that I’m extremely busy with real life and all, because it simply isn’t true. Even then I still find myself cutting back on things I want to do (such as exercising; relaxing; going out; etc). This isn’t a good sign, but even so I still want to commit a certain amount of time to keep this site updated and running.

Q: So what is going to happen?

  • Diablo 3 is launching in less than 24 hours at the time of writing. I am already prepared to dedicate most of my time to playing this game (at least for the first couple weeks or so). Expect some form of coverage to compensate for the reduction of anime-related stuff.
  • What this means is that coverage of posts may be delayed.
  • In addition to that, I may consider using this “opportunity” to test out shortened posts, or digestive posts in other words. Lesser words and pictures in essence. Easier on the eyes at least?
  • I may drop coverage on Accel World. Reason being that it is a two-cour show and at the moment I am trying to avoid two-cour shows so I can make room to cover other new shows.  I’ll either try out a digestive version or stop completely depending on how everything works on in the next couple of days.
  • 5 shows a week is slightly too much to handle once extra commitments comes into play. Next season I’m thinking to cut down to 4 or even 3 depending on external factors as well as whether if there is anything that suits my blogging tastes.
  • I’ll be away for 3 weeks in June. More on that when the date draws closer.

Closing words:

  • I want to thank everyone who is reading this or my stuff in general. I have not started to advertise this site aggressively yet, mostly because I don’t really believe in employing that tactic, as well as being busy with other things. Keep the comments and feedback coming, also if you spot any errors!
  • If you like my style of writing or what you see in general, please continue to support me!
  • Follow me on Twitter! I’ll start to use it more often regarding my daily life soon.
  • I’ll also deepy appreciate it if people can help spread the site around! Contact me if you want to do a link exchange via the Contact Me page.

About LordLightnDark

Professional troll by day. Enigmatic soul by night. A silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Light. やりたい事とやるべき事が一致する時、世界の声が聞こえる
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