Accel World 6

I just kinda realized it but, why does everyone want to link with Haru?! Am I missing the memo here?



First it was Kuro; followed by Chiyu; then Taku; lastly here comes a new challenger! Now it might just be me feeling a little jealous, but even a guy wants to link with Haru? Damn.. At this rate I wouldn’t be surprised if all the subsequent side characters want to link with Haru for one reason or another. Calling it right now!

Thankfully my prediction on the upcoming episode last week didn’t turn out to disappoint. This was definitely a more enjoyable episode compared to the last two, at least for me. It seems that the Cyan Pile saga hasn’t quite ended yet, this time having the Blue King show up and Taku being left on some kind of a borrowed time. What does he exactly have in mind? What does Kuro exactly have in mind? That ending scene definitely sparked my curiosity. Where does Taku’s true allegiance lie at?

Oh Kuro, we shall never know thou true name. I don’t really want to call you Kuro forever but I don’t really relish the idea of having to type Kuroyukihime every time. Snow Black, the literal translation sounds awkward as well. Surprisingly or not, given her talent and status in the accelerated world, she is a total newbie when it comes to matters of love. I’m not going to question her target of choice, since I already ranted on that in episode 4, but damn the standard taboo topics like “How does my hair look?” or “The sunset is nice isn’t it?“, please avoid using them. Ok fine, she is in middle school and all but wait isn’t that a little too young to be talking about love? What a strange world this is.

Talking about a strange world, the accelerated world is really strange. Gracious opponents who go “Oh hey that was fun, here’s your points!” when they got timed out due to stalling tactics, doesn’t seem legit to me. Really, timing out your opponents might be a legit tactic to win, but it doesn’t make it entertaining for spectators to watch!

Part of the reason why I enjoyed this episode a lot more than the previous two is because Chiyu is back with a bath scene more screen time! I have this soft spot for childhood/side characters because they always suffer the same fate spanning across the entire universe of anime. To be frank I don’t really dig Kuro’s personality in comparison to Chiyu’s. She is shown to be able to run pretty damn fast, is that a sign that she will eventually become a brain-burst user as well?

Last but not least, a new member joins the harem! Currently only known as Aqua Current aka Bouncer/Bodyguard. Personally speaking, I’m not a fan of girls with short hair or megane (spectacles) so adding those two together equals a giant X for me. Her quirky personality though, is something to be interested about. The way she is adamant about concealing her identity and then doing a 180 degree turn shortly after was super amusing to watch. The key point that piques my curiosity however, is not so much about her gender or personality, but rather how does she go about living up to her namesake as a level 1?

Good episode thus far, the set-up for the next episode hit the right notes for me, as the plot now branches out into two different fronts. From the preview it looks like Kuro will be fighting Taku for unknown reasons, and I would like to know how in the world does the bouncer go about doing her job. My bets are on – “She has like a gazillion points and that she refuses to level up, making her imbalanced or something.”

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2 Responses to Accel World 6

  1. Justin says:

    Memo? Haru is the main character. Of course everyone wants to link him, his stature being no problem clearly 😀

    I think this was one of the better episodes since Ep 1 really. Hopefully this means the show is trending upward!

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