Sankarea 6

I’ll probably repeat this every week but here it goes anyway – “The pacing is so slow!” Even Wanko is not pleased!



I’ll also say this every week as well, once again I managed to spot a couple of anime original scenes. It seems that it is an intentional move made by the writers to purposely slow down the pacing of Sankarea. What are they trying to achieve exactly, I do not really know. From what I can remember, there is a suitable point to end this series on, but it seems to be too far off going by the current pacing. Could we be seeing an anime original ending happen here? Or will writers just leave it dangling open-ended to pave the way for S2? The latter seems really unlikely, but well anything can happen so..

Now, on with the show! The temporary cure to retain the sanity of Rea (and Babu) is apparently by munching on leaves Hydrangea. However, that does not stop the body from decaying, as it is only a stopgap measure. See that eerie moment towards the end of the episode, hear the creepy music being played in the background? My gut feeling tells me that is a sign of trolling. But also remember that the true nature of zombies cannot be suppressed forever, especially in the presence of braaaaainssss food. In other words, that inauspicious moment is something that foreshadows what is going to happen in the future and not the present.

Well, being a zombie isn’t that bad either. Not having the need to sleep; eat; go to the toilet; having superhuman strength in exchange for eating leafs, sounds like a good deal. Especially when choosing between permanent death and another shot at “life”, it is obvious which is the better choice. Having said all that, it is important to remember that we only have one life for a reason.

Another subtle thing to note is that this episode marks the official “showdown” between Rea and Wanko. Romance without rivalry is like eating french fries without salt. That was a bad example, but the meaning is the same! Things may not appear very clear-cut at the moment but it is not very hard to guess that Rea and Wanko are both interested in Furuya, in one way or another. How will this triangle relationship unfold, now with the zombie factor added into the mix? Admittedly that zombie factor isn’t really necessary to be honest..

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