Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? OF THE DEAD 6

Even a megalo knows that “Boobs are justice!”




Oh hey, cultural festival..Wait, where have I seen this before, *refer back to TOxA 5*. Not that I mind at all, since this is a cultural festival with zombies everything random thrown in, for a lack of a better term.

At first I thought this was a Hiramatsu-centric episode since she never got this much screen time throughout all the episodes, but alas once again she was shoved aside for other characters to take the limelight.

That character in question is without a doubt Tomonori. *banzai!* She seems to have the most screen time out of every other harem candidate so far in S2. And that is a good thing, for me. From selling CDs in a school swimsuit (well that was random to be honest) to the deredere-confession-moe-overload that gave me diabetes. Even the wedding masou ring moment and how she misunderstood the whole situation was hilarious to watch, to be fair seeing a ring on the ring-finger, what else can that mean?

Some things don’t change after all. Even Gaia knows that. Mystletainn-sensei’s makes his triumphant return (that Terminator reference was so obvious by the way) and that presumably meant that everyone’s memory regarding the cross-dressing incident is erased. Much to the annoyance of Haruna and Sera, in the end nothing seems to have changed. Hiramatsu is still fascinated with his legs, and he is still forced to cross-dress. Even magic can’t change everything, seems legit.

I just realized this, but I found out that all the megalos have a distinctly weird personality. This particular one seems to have an obsession with cup sizes and I full agree that they are justice! DFC club members, the door is that way. It is a shame that they got dispatched with the signature Mystletainn kick so quickly, as I was beginning to take a liking to them.

Going back to the important bits, from a plot point of view, things are starting to spice up. First of all, who is this random blood-spewing guy who gave Ayumu the ring? It seems to me that he was the one who gave Tomonori the message in the first place, as it seems to be too much of a coincidence to have the monster (totally forgot about that) appear and then have the ring at the same time. Yousei-san makes a return after a short absence and her advice before she got all drunk also seem to hint at something darker, as well as her ending look definitely indicates that something is brewing especially with Haruna having an unexplainable headache at the same time. Let us not forget the plot revelations in the earlier episodes with Dai-sensei and Kyouko. They all seem to be little jigsaw puzzles that are slowly forming up the larger picture. Soon!

Random thoughts:

  • Tame mousou Eu this week, though the omake is awesome, think I watched that one at least 20 times.
  • Anyone else detected the potential relationship between Orito and Miharu? Damn!
  • Tomonori and Haruna use Voodoo Song, it is super effective!
  • How to get rid of stocks – the 99% off + bunny girl way!
  • Tomonri certainly treats the one wedding ring as her precious.
  • An OVA for the original series was released a couple of weeks back, remember to watch that!

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2 Responses to Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? OF THE DEAD 6

  1. biskmater says:

    Wait, but what If I am member of the DFC and Boobs Are Justice Club?

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