Fate Zero 18

I present to you – Fate/Zero OF THE DEAD: The adventures of Kerry and friends.




Them zombies are everywhere! They are even starting to invade other titles now! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES. Oh, those aren’t zombies? Seems legit.

In what seems to be the first half of Kiritsugu’s past, I was half expecting some kind of tragedy to happen, after all that innocent-looking Kerry can’t be the Kiritsugu that we know today. Although I wasn’t really impressed with the whole zomb- Dead Apostles shenanigans because it is so overused, I have to admit that the irony and heart-wrenching moments were strong with this one.

The idea of peace is something that never really lasts, at least not here in Fate Zero. The first half of the episode would be my best bet that it is the most slice-of-life-ish portion of the whole series. It is fairly obvious that Kerry and genius assistant Shirley were more than friends, not quite a couple though. Such a sight gives off a bittersweet emotion when reminiscing about it. Not that I’m an expert in this field but if I had a childhood friend like Shirley while being in Kerry’s shoes I would certainly be thinking about her this way after all this time, except that indifferent and quiet life was merely an allusion to the horrors that are about to unfold.

My favourite scene, is unquestionably the moment that the two of them had at the river. It wasn’t intimate or anything, but the honest exchange between the both of them and the irony behind those words is something struck me as bone-chilling.

“It is a power that can change the world” “And someday, it’ll be yours.”

Of course when Shirley said that, she didn’t quite expect it to turn out the way the present is. But damn, those words are strong words, perhaps they are still embedded in Kerry’s mind even now. Not every girl says that sort of line to a guy eh, especially not at that age.

Almost like a calm before the storm, things got real right after. Shirley stole a bottle of magical stuff from Kerry’s dad. And when it is labeled “test”, it is not a very wise move to test it on yourself, this is worse than playing with fire! There were two particularly impactful moments that perhaps started laying the foundation for who Kiritsugu is today.

Traumatic moment #1: Kerry being unable to kill Shirley.
I wouldn’t blame him for being unable to kill Shirley with his own hands after what happened to her, although this kind of situation is repeated all too often – the victim asking someone close to them to relieve them of their misery. It is not a clear-cut choice to make, even though the decision seems rather obvious from an objective point-of-view, after all there are the emotional repercussions when staining your own hands with the blood of someone you care about.

Unfortunately, a moment of indecisiveness lead to the unfolding of a catastrophe. As with most zombie flicks, all that is needed is a single infected human being to start a chain of terror. I’m pretty sure that decision that Kerry made, or failed to make will haunt him for the rest of his lifetime, and therefore also drastically altering his happy-go-lucky nature.

Traumatic moment #2: Killing his own father in cold blood
The act of not killing Shirley lead to a calamity that befell the whole island. Kerry realized that fact after he calmed down and was miraculously saved by a neutral third-party Natalia Kaminski, for any other scenario would have spelt DEAD END for him. The Church Executors nor the Mage’s Association are going to spare him, much less the mindless Dead Apostles. At this point he made a resolve not to let such a mishap happen again. His father, the culprit was not the least bit remorseful over what happened to the island; over what happened to Shirley; that was the final straw for Kerry.

His calm and collected composure did not help matters either, for that only seemed to mean he didn’t give a damn about the village at all and that swiftly accelerated his own demise. After all that is said and done, when Natalia offered to help Kerry escape the island and asked him if there was anything he wanted to take with him, all that was heard was an hollow-sounding “nothing at all“.

I’ve seen my fair share of tragedies, some cheesy others more real. Kiritsugu may not be a likable character because of his morals, or the lack thereof, but to me especially after witnessing the birth behind his cold-hearted exterior, he will always be a character that I can empathize with. A great deal of mental willpower is needed to overcome such a traumatic past, an individual with a weaker will, will be shattered right there and then. Part of me still believes that Kiritsugu somewhere still believes in a hero of justice even after he follows the footsteps of Natalia, which will be what the next episode is about – completing the transformation and turning Kerry into Kiritsugu.

Random thoughts:

  • I am really curious as to what happened with Shirley, presumably she is left for dead (see what I did there), but I thought she had a role to play even after turning the whole village into Dead Apostles.
  • Yet another childhood friend bites the dust.
  • I’m sure many thought Natalia to be a dude from her dashing entrance, including myself.
  • Wish I had stacks of money lying around like that.

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2 Responses to Fate Zero 18

  1. Kaladbolg says:

    Just wanna bring up a misunderstood part of the ep. The whole Dead Apostles concept is actually part of the tsukihime world. So its more of a crossover which type-moon seems to like doing for some of their works, and not a randomly thought up name to give the word ‘zombies’ a cooler effect(even the church executors use the same weapons as tsukihime’s).

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