Accel World 5

Pigs can fly after all..In one way or another.




Last episode was such a letdown, though it might just be only me feeling that way. This episode in comparison was much better, but there was still a couple of irksome points that stood out. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy watching this series as a whole, but not as much as I think I should be due to the aforementioned point.

On the overall I would say I’m satisfied with how they concluded the Cyan Pile saga. It turned out that Taku was “that” kind of  friend, the one who was used as an emotional substitute and thus got all angsty because his “best” friend doesn’t realize it until now. I’m glad they actually ironed their issues out instead of laying the smack down on each other till the very end. Haru sparing Taku came off as a surprise to me since I thought he would just finish things off there and then.

Taku defecting and turning to the good guys side in an instant after being whiny for the past 20 minutes or so also came off as a something unexpected, because I thought he would be too obsessed with the prospects of being recognized in the blue legion. Maybe, just maybe, he sees more potential in rebelling and joining Haru and gang to gain more points. Why not? Seems like a legit move if you ask me. Plus, when your boss is the sexy Black Lotus and not some over-sized butterfly, why not?

Once again though, they have pulled out yet another deus ex machina move. While in fighting games there exists a form of miracle known as the “magic pixel“, which happened more or less here as well, they had to pull the “ultimate desperation power-up” move. At least it wasn’t too far-fetched, but I still yearn to see at least some form of realism when it comes to battles in the accelerated world. I don’t understand why they had to cripple Silver Crow that much, it is almost as if they were trying to make him look as if he was in a state where his chances of winning is 0% and then give him an “I WIN” button on purpose.

The lack of realism is something that takes away a certain degree of my enjoyment when watching Accel World. Maybe I expect too much out of it – the wings part I am fine with but when he starts losing hand and feet, left and right it starts to get a little irritating. Also, isn’t Kuro supposed to be in critical condition? Either technology is that advanced or ailments in the real world don’t carry over?

Believe it or not I actually found the hospital visit more enjoyable to watch than the entirety of events that unfolded in the accelerated world. Taku’s reason for being in such a desperate situation for points didn’t help, Haru being all pathetic and such a wimp didn’t help (admittedly his seiyuu did a good job at making him sound so spineless). I’m glad that this “arc” is finally done and over with so hopefully the real action will kick in from hereon and Haru will start manning up, please.

Random thoughts:

  • Less butterfly more of that true form please.
  • Wonder what Chiyu’s reaction will be like when she discovers her two “best” friends are beating each other up behind her back.
  • Cyan Pile has healing abilities? Clearly his hp bar was lower before, and the name swapped positions too, inconsistency much?
  • Haru clearly taking a leaf out of The Matrix.
  • I have a gut feeling we will never know what Kuro’s real name is, considering how we got trolled by that cut-off point.
  • Peace is apparently a bad thing in Accel World, with Kuro wanting to wage war and all. Kids these days..

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