Sankarea 5

Is this show really about zombies – *OH MY WHAT IS THIS*




D-don’t get me wrong or anything, it’s not like I don’t mind some zombie ecchiness, if such a term even exists. Honestly though it felt way over the top this time. I didn’t even have to refer back to the manga to know that they have amplified that “yuri” scene several times more. Check the manga out, at least it was more “decent” and may I daresay realistic. Boob grabbing is on the borderline OK but fondling hmm wut? Then there is that licking part which made me go what is this I don’t even?

And that, was arguably the highlight of the episode. Oh, and that “kiss“. Good way to deal a devastating blow to rival Wanko in such a fashion, or not? FYI of course something is amiss for Rea to behave in such a manner. “The zombie instincts are taking over her!” I would like to know who came up with the idea that zombies/vampires have to eat humans and therefore indirectly converting them to one of their own? Can’t they be like vegetarians or something? The first time I ever saw it, it was something really cool. But this novelty gets old pretty quickly as well.

Another tidbit unveiled was that gramps does actually know a quite a lot on the potion of resurrection, when out of his idiot mode. Whether he is the original creator of it or not is questionable though. After all it is a safe bet to say that all that experimentation beforehand has caused him to be in the state that he is today.

What else can I really say? As usual the pacing is moving along like a snail, though somewhat faithfully I guess? Oh yes, I’m glad that Mero got quite a decent number of lines this episode, more than Rea that’s for sure!

There are a fair number of anime original scenes once again, but noticeably there is the  unknown girl from the previous episode who made another appearance. Don’t know what is the deal with her, she seems to be getting too much screen-time though. I don’t even know what her name is until I looked it up, are the viewers even supposed to know her name?

In terms of Rea, she is no longer being affected by rigor mortis, imagine her just lying in that pose for the rest of the story, now that would be mildly amusing to picture a story revolving around that. She also enters the “……BRAINS BOOBS” stage which was not explicitly explained but implied as well. I just had the best storyline idea ever, Rea should just start converting everyone into zombies too, starting with Wanko, leaving Mero as the sole survivor left to battle the hordes of zombies which includes her loved ones! No? Sorry boss..

Random thoughts:

  • I will never understand how clothes work in anime
  • Girls are sharp as usual when it comes to things like this eh?
  • Moral of the story, do not enter someone’s room without permission!

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