Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? OF THE DEAD 5

Note: One does not simply fall sick and be moe at the same time.




Being sick is no fun, and it even comes ever so randomly, even for Eu! The whole thing about orange pith (the white thread-like thingies) being poisonous is something that popped out of nowhere, even if that were the truth, I wondered at a point – did Eu eat that many oranges to be sick on purpose? It made little sense to remove the pith and yet eat so many oranges, unless she likes them a lot, which is the only logical reasoning I can think off. (well it is summer and hot so..) Oh by the way, there is also something known as Vitamin C poisoning FYI.

Watching Ayumu get all panicky though was sooo funny! Trying not to entertain lewd thoughts; blindfolded himself and wearing gloves to “see no evil, feel no evil” although he still managed to tell that Eu is not wearing any. And he got caught red-handed not once, not twice but thrice!

Poor Ayumu, always sacrificing himself for the sake of our laughter. The best gag of the day belongs to the epic trolling by Anderson. They sure can come up with extremely random antics, making Ayumu do the most ridiculous acts and oh my god all the ideas that Haruna and Anderson came up with to cure Eu’s sickness.

Apart from the usual comedy fare, there is also some endearing moments. Damn, I would make that kinda face too. Still not a lot happening after 5 episodes, there was a little revelation about some monster and also the vampire ninjas being recalled to discuss this issue. Don’t ask me what the maid uniforms are for..

I’m stuck on the fence as it is currently, I definitely want to see some action happening soon but I don’t mind pure comedic episodes as long as it is good. Based on the hilarity scale I would say this one sits decently with me. A full episode on vampire ninjas in maid uniforms is fine too as well..

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