Tasogare Otome x Amnesia 4

We’ve got yet another classic episode that falls into the “overused scenario” archetype. I present to you the summer camp / swimming pool episode! Now with 25% more mystery and  25% more suspense thrown into the mix!

Note: I’m down with a slight flu, haven’t fully recovered from it after 4 days, hence the delays, F/Z will be out tomorrow! Everything else should be on track though!

As with all episodes that contain either the sea/swimming pool, we’re entitled to a spectacle probably all males will never tire of. Swimsuits! What’s this? Skinny dipping? Now that is what I would call a bonus. Other than to serve as a form of a “distraction” or a “diversion“, fooling around in pool contributes nothing the story, in no way whatsoever. At least there was some comedy involved.

Well, it does contribute to Yuuko’s jealousy levels I guess. When I saw her behaving oddly at the start of the episode I already knew what was coming (as expected of me). After all, Yuuko is no malicious ghost! She just dislikes loneliness and wants some attention that is all. But damn, why would you want to play down that “touch me” flag Teiichi?! Is it done on purpose to incite jealousy in us, the viewers?

Summer camps isn’t all about fun and laughter though, when night falls, that is where the real adventure begins. There is the case of the missing Teiichi, causing Kirie to go teary eyed (awww). Then there is also the case of the night duty ghost, wait that was Yuuko up to her usual mischievous antics? I see what she did there. Following after there is the great escape mystery of the cursed rock which turned out to be yet another prank played by Yuuko, although I wasn’t caught by surprise for some reason.

The real mystery though, still revolves around the shadowy figure that made a couple of ghostly (pun intended) appearances throughout the episode. I do hope that the real action begins soon instead of keeping us in suspense with all the teasing involved (in more meanings than one).

Interestingly enough, I had a feeling and confirmed it, that the order of events does not follow the manga. I’m not exactly sure why this is being done, but I’m going to assume they are doing the “non crucial” episodes first in terms of plot advancement. In other words “random fun episodes first, real deal later“. I spoiled myself slightly by reading the corresponding chapter in the manga though, even then I’m still liking this adaptation a lot.

I’m not going to do a side-by-side comparison, but I’m going to go out there and say I liked the bits that weren’t present in the corresponding chapters in the manga. There are two kinds of adaptations that usually occur with adapted works.

  1. An adaptation that sticks closely and faithfully to the original – A good recent example of this would be Sankarea.
  2. An adaptation that follows the original loosely; switches the order of events around, changes certain aspects; possibly adding in anime original content – TOxA falls into this category.

Now I personally prefer the former over the latter, because #2 is extremely tricky to pull off correctly, because it is mainly a hit-or-miss kinda thing (hello Another!). However, when done properly, it actually feels and flows better than the original. I remember watching successful adaptations that employ this method but I can’t recall any titles currently.

At the end of the day, I’m not sure whether the pool elements or the midnight getaway are anime original or if they were combined together from another chapter, but I have to admit that while I did not enjoy this episode as much as the previous few, the flow of it felt natural and did not seem too jarring in any way. Even then I still liked the more “seriously romantic” moments in the second half of the episode, which serves as a good reminder that this series is surprisingly well-rounded in developing its various genres.

Random thoughts:

  • Jormungand had the table rolling Koko, now we have a tatami rolling Okonogi huh?
  • I’ve actually seen yellow water come out of taps before, though I don’t remember exactly when and why.
  • Reminder to self to do that extra person trick while distributing cards next time!
  • Kirie please drink more milk and grow out your hair!
  • This school is like a complex maze or something.

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