Accel World 4

Yikes, this episode was messy and somewhat all over the place but let’s go through things one by one shall we?

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I’ll be frank, I didn’t like this episode all too much, it was still bearable to watch but it was on the borderline of being irksome. That dream sir, that is not a nightmare!

OK, so the previous sentence was my feeble attempt at being lame. The real point that appeared very jarring to me was the whole love-hate affair between Kuro and Haru. I’m all for the “Beauty and the Beast” style of love story where obviously the male lead always finds himself stuck with a female lead who is way out of his league. I like to watch fairy tales like this to comfort myself because this type of scenario simply does not happen in real life! However..

The main problem I had. was the method or how they conveyed their feelings towards each other. Nitpicking on Haru, having inferiority complex is one thing and that is fine, but never ever start ranting on how unworthy you are, because we all know that for a fact is true and the longer the rant goes the more cringe-worthy it is. Another golden rule to obey is – Never make a girl cry, for any reason. My whole point being: “It is fine to look down on yourself but don’t go around saying hurtful words just to make yourself feel better.”

On to Kuro, yay the confession scene was fairly well executed but um at least have a better reason for liking a guy? Looks ain’t everything? Fine. Money ain’t everything? Fine. “Haruyuki, you’re faster than anyone.” What?! Never-mind the fact that she slaughtered and betrayed her friends to get to where she was in the past, since people do turn over a new leaf. She loves him because of his potential to be the best burst-linker and only realized that fact because she felt jealous when Haru direct-linked with Chiyuri? Her confession speech was double face palm worthy, because one face palm doesn’t justify how ridiculous that line of reasoning is.

Maybe there’s something I missed out in essence between the both of them, after all I hardly know anything about love (hmm maybe). Since topics like love is highly subjective, I’ll move on to the more objective portions of this episode that made little sense as well.

One key thing to avoid in any form of storytelling is the usage of deus ex machina. This episode alone pulled it off not once but twice, but the bigger issue is that nothing was solved at all! The first one, going super saiyan into Physical Full Burst mode, lengthy technical explanations aside, this ability just popped out of nowhere, and the best part is that she still failed to save herself despite having an ability that screams “hax!”.

The other one wasn’t as bad compared to the former, but I hope they do explain the motives that Cyan Pile has in the upcoming episodes. My issue is the way that Taku is revealed to be Cyan Pile. The backdoor virus shenanigans seemed to be pulled out of nowhere, at least it was properly explained but the burning question still remains – Why the hell is Taku consistently aiming at Kuro? I’m willing to disregard potential plot-holes such as “an unconscious person being able to duel” if the writers are able to wrap up this whole saga nicely.

Random thoughts:

  • They really need to keep Haru’s proportions constant, it starts to stick out like a thorn after awhile especially when I notice shots like this.
  • What’s up with the “censored” scene? It surely feels like one, either that or cheap animation.
  • Blood doesn’t flow out like that, and they sure have lots of blood to lose as well.
  • Kuro’s old avatar looks way better, no doubts about that.
  • Even pigs get to kiss now, what’s next? Pigs can fly? Oh wait…

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2 Responses to Accel World 4

  1. ciddypoo says:

    Haha, she loves him for his speed. To be fair, the title IS Accel World, so speed is a pretty big thing here. Kuro slaughtered lots to get to level nine, but it was to gain more power … to keep her ability to accelerate in real life.

    I’m not sure how speed in a virtual world really corresponds, but considering that Kuro said she had to accelerate in order to beat him at his speed game … I mean, in Kuro’s book, that’s POWER. She could’ve been either very impressed or very jealous — and she opted for the former. She probably wanted to cultivate his potential and discard him as a tool later on, but ended up falling for/pitying his kind-hearted meekness. Well, that and the fact that she thought she was about to die and the whole “if she wants him I want him” shpiel with Chiyu. Desperation breeds … more desperation?

    But yeah, it was a little farfetched. I don’t wanna jump on the whole ‘looks ain’t everything’ bandwagon but even other spineless characters like Shinji Ikari didn’t look half bad, and the mecha he piloted was awesome … Haru is short, ugly, and his avatar design is a trainwreck.

  2. Yeah I agree, this being ACCEL world after all so I’m giving Kuro the benefit of the doubt..You brought up some good points that I’ve overlooked in regards to Kuro liking Haru, I’m still not buying her reasons though. /shrug

    Watching spineless character kills some of my enjoyment and having Haru look like a some who got knocked over by a truck and then got reversed on (in other words hideous) isn’t helping either.

    The whole premise is still fairly interesting to watch though I gotta admit this episode alone made accel world slid down a little in my internal rankings.

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