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Better late than never! I finally got down to watching Hyouka yesterday and all I can say is “I am curious!

Hyouka almost seems like a lighter version of Tasogare Otome come to think about it. There is the school-life thing which Hyouka arguably has more focus on, and more importantly there is also the mystery aspect of it.

Interestingly enough, Hyouka’s mysteries so far have been easy to digest with little build-up to it. In today’s episode there was the “Mysteriously locked in” as well as “Piano mystery” that was promptly solved by logical deduction. I still wonder if there are any supernatural elements involved in the upcoming mysteries or series as a whole. I find that the way that the mysteries are structured in more of an episodic manner instead of a huge question mark is something refreshing to watch as well.

With Kyoto Animation (Kyoani) as the studio behind the animation, it is not surprising to see the female lead Chitanda Eru (Satou Satomi, Ritsu?!) resemble Yui. Or maybe she is, after getting a hairdo! Granted I haven’t heard much of Eru’s seiyuu outside of Ritsu, but wow the sharp contrast from using a more tomboyish voice in Ritsu to a more demure one in Eru, she is starting to score points in my book of seiyuus already. Eru herself seems to be not only a curiosity maniac, she is also somewhat a little ditzy in a sense. Her catch phrase: “I’m curious” makes me curious to see if she will continue to use that every episode.

Now the male lead Houtaro Oreki (Nakamura Yuuichi), I like this dude because he adopts a similar mindset to what I had in the past while in school, plus he seems to be the next Sherlock Holmes with how he logically concludes the two aforementioned mysteries when I expected some supernatural elements to be involved. Indeed, back in my schooling days, I only attended one club and had 100% attendance for that, and by that I mean the ‘go home club.” Looking back, perhaps I should have chosen the “rose-coloured” school life, which means not just to excel in academics, but also be active in co-curricular activities and maybe even romance. Alas, the “grey-coloured” school life was the way to go because back then the only notion I had was to “get this over and done with.”

His motto: “I won’t bother doing things I don’t have to, and I’ll just rush through the things I have to do” is something I won’t disagree with, nor fully agree with. My personal style when it comes down to doing things is: “Don’t bother at all, if not do or die trying”. There is little point in putting half-baked effort into trying. Either conserve that effort and spend it all on something “worth” it or just don’t even bother. Some people want their lives to be as colourful as possible but others are fine with leading a peaceful and quiet life. My answer to that is to have a balance between the two. Having things happening non-stop around the clock tends to lead to burn-out, while leading a boring life is simply just boring.

Then there’s the Watson to the Sherlock Holmes, Satoshi Fukube. (Sakaguchi Daisuke) Asides from him being a database I’m not too impressed with him for some reason. he sort of feels like a “fake gentlemen” to me which he even openly admits to. Nothing much for me to say about this dude, just remain as a sidekick please!

Lastly, another point of interest is the extraordinary connection between Eru and Oreki. The saying that “opposite poles attract each other” holds true here. Having very different personalities, Oreki finds himself drawn to the curiosity and the mysterious energy of Eru while Eru is fascinated by Oreki’s mystery solving skills and maybe even his nonchalance at the same time. In the end the whole phrase about “attracting more attention by acting differently” is the culprit behind it all.

Going on to the more technical bits, animation is stellar here, this being Kyoani mind you. Details were sharp, backgrounds aren’t bland. The music however was what stood out for me. The use of classical music pieces like Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata movement 1 and 3, the Prelude from Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 as well as Bach’s Air on the G-String is somewhat of an ingenious move (yes I did do my homework!). The OP is sang by Choucho, a fairly new artiste whom I enjoy listening to so that is another plus for me. In short I like what I see as well as what I hear, really the classical music part was a pleasant surprise though. If my Mondays aren’t taken by Tasogare Otome I would have covered this instead..I think?

That being said, are you now curious too?

Random thoughts:

  • Kyoani does what Kyoani does best: moeblob characters!
  • What sorcery is this?
  • A new member joins next week! She doesn’t look very fun though..

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