Tasogare Otome x Amnesia 3

I have something to confess, I succumbed and read the manga..

Only for the first two chapters though! As with most adaptations, if it interests me enough I usually check out the source material to either spoil myself (because I can’t resist) or to do side by side comparisons. The only very noticeable difference is that there is a lack of ecchi found in the manga compared to what I’m watching. A more subtle difference is the way the animation is handled stylistically. It is hard for me to explain this point yet it still stands out. Studio influence perhaps?

As with last week’s post, I correctly deduced that this week’s focus will be on the re-introduction of Kirie, whom in fact is a distant relative of Yuuko since they share the same family name Kanoe. Another thing is that she is able to see Yuuko, only in a twisted manner because she herself believes Yuuko to be a monstrosity, and that Yuuko has stated that her appearance changes on what the viewer perceives her as.

To further reinforce that point, when Teiichi started to doubt Yuuko due to Kirie’s words, her appearance changed to that of what Kirie saw Yuuko as. While it wasn’t a very plot heavy episode, I felt tricked when I expected a comedic moment to pop out of nowhere during the whole “twisted Yuuko” moment but thankfully the writers decided to keep the serious parts serious. I really liked the heartfelt confession that Yuuko and Teiichi had when he was “caught” by Yuuko.

Of course there is always the standard comedy fare, though not a whole lot this time. It is still really funny to watch Yuuko being embarrassed about Teiichi wanting to see her dead naked body when her ghost form is nude and even more exposed in a sense. Wanting to die while already dead reminds me of WoW where I get the error message saying “Can’t do that while dead”. Yuuko is really a fascinating character to watch since she can be funny; serious and slightly perverted at the different times.

Personally I would like to see the ecchi elements toned down a little especially after comparing it with the manga, honestly speaking I don’t mind it one bit since it still doesn’t feel overly forced but it is starting to get a little excessive and I rather have the show focus on the plot and mystery. Since the major characters are more or less established with Kirie now being a formal member of the Paranormal Investigation club, it seems like the mystery portion of the show will start to kick in very shortly. The plot itself still perks my curiosity and having the extra comedy and fan-service is like a sweet bonus.

Random thoughts:

  • Mid post I went to check out the manga corresponding to this episode and it appears to be chapter 4-6, there were some minor differences, the main thing is that Kirie looks way uglier in the manga, or at least in those chapters.
  • Funny Yuuko or “charming” Yuuko? I can’t decide..HNNNGH
  • Just occurred to me that Kirie did not appear in the manga version of episode 1 and the thing under the false gravestone is a comb instead of a bell. Hmm.
  • What’s up with Teiichi and his eyes this episode?

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2 Responses to Tasogare Otome x Amnesia 3

  1. ciddypoo says:

    Funny Yuuko. Definitely funny Yuuko.

    … Funny Yuuko is charming!

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