Diablo 3 Beta Experience

So, Blizz apparently heard my prayer and the pleas of people around the world who have yet to receive a beta key and decided to do a 3-day OPEN BETA to serve as a stress test as well as to allow poor folks like me to have a chance of  “testing” the beta which has been around for at least half a year?

Side note: Delay of regular coverage is due to me playing the Beta 😦 But fret not things are back to normal! F/Z should be out later and TOxA most likely tomorrow.

Total time spent: 17 hours 45 mins approx to reach 100% completion

My lv 13 (capped) stats of the 5 characters as well as skill selection (plus a fail screenshot):

Misc screenshots:

  • Wizard

  • Witch Doctor along with an event I seen for the first time

Personal ranking of fun factor (based on the Beta):

  1. Wizard – AoE is king in Diablo
  2. Demon Hunter – Highest single target DPS so far along with that Rapid Fire
  3. Barbarian – Surprisingly more fun than the Monk
  4. Monk – Feels utility based, low DPS because of my crappy weapon, easiest to solo SK though
  5. Witch Doctor – Never really liked DOT and pet based classes

Closing thoughts:

After countless number of errors and a couple of server maintenance throughout, the beta offers endless replayability even though I lost count of how many times I’ve slayed the Skeleton King. (FYI the beta takes around 1-1.5 hours to complete) People who have never played computer games may not understand the hype behind this game but for those who do and especially those who have played Diablo I or II will understand why. Mindless hack and slash is that fun.

In just the beta alone I have friends from 3 different circles playing the beta. Trust me when I say it is difficult to get friends to play the same game with you.

The main draw for me is the fact that I can earn money while playing the game, since it is an entirely new feature no game has used, it will be interesting to see just how much potential this real money auction house has. Having played my fair share of the AH in WoW, I can understand how the economy basically works. The opening days will be the ones with most volatility and potential to earn a killing and subsequently as the market slowly stabilizes perhaps we’ll be back to earning peanuts. It is hard to say at this point what is the exact worth of investing into playing the AH but well you get paid to play for a minimal amount of effort so why not?

Now I just need to get my hands on a Collector’s Edition..why is it taking them so long to release information on it!


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