Accel World 3

I don’t know who to believe in anymore! Someone here amongst the main characters has to be the “bad guy”, but who exactly is he/she?

After watching this episode of Accel World after a two-week break, the good thing is that this series still manages to impress and lure me in with the plot developments despite the strong showings of the many other series that are slowly rising within my personal rankings.

The bad thing (or not), is that there isn’t a whole lot of action going on, since this episode, much like episode 1, serves as an “information dump” to the viewers. The first major point of interest is about the whole notion of reaching level 10, which presumably also means “I WIN”. The part about beating 5 other level 9s with everything on the line sounds..legit to me. Except the possibilities for match fixing is totally probable, though there wouldn’t be anymore story to tell if that happened. So of course the various level 9s are too afraid of losing everything since the stakes are so high and instead opted for a truce until the peace was interrupted by none other than Princess Snow Black herself.

The second major point being that Kuroyukihime (I’m just going to call her Kuro from now onwards) is being stalked by some desperate person who is desperate for..points. I don’t know about this one because it smells even fishier than the last, since she insists it is mandatory for her to connect to the school network and she isn’t losing to the stalker nor getting confronted in real life since her identity got exposed (if I am reading this right her status as the Black King isn’t exposed yet), what is there to be anxious about? It is probably a little unnerving to be harassed like that time and time again but it is not like she is about to land in major trouble right?

Once again it comes down to plot convenience for the two points above, since the true purpose of Accel World is to reach level 10 and discover the real reason for it being made and the creator behind it. (um..Matrix?) On the other hand, Kuro suspects that Chiyuri is the culprit and the way the episode ends almost seems to hint towards that possibility. It might be a red herring for all I know since someone else seems equally suspicious himself. (note the eye colour too)

Setting aside the suggestive bed scene and the boring date at the cafe that took up 90% of the episode. An interesting train of thought popped up in my head as the episode ended. Just who exactly is the good/bad person here? Nearly meaningless speculation below:

Kuro presumably plays the good guy role, but I kept seeing her as being manipulative, since she makes use of Haru to find who her stalker is as well as for the greater goal of achieving level 10 in her place. Let us not forget she was the one who broke the peace amongst the Kings, all of this alludes to the fact that she is a cunning individual who is definitely more than meets the eye.

Chiyuri almost seems to be innocent until the final minutes of the episode. If she was indeed Cyan Pile, that would also mean that she is just another deceiver who has her own hidden agenda after being close friends with Haru after all these years.

Unfortunately, since the writer isn’t Urobochi Gen, I’m not expecting major plot twists to happen, at least not this early. In the end Cyan Pile will be someone else, Kuro will still be the main female lead despite her questionable background and intentions, because that is how the universe unfolds.

Random thoughts:

  • Yet another childhood friend bites the dust, refer to Sankarea if confused.
  • Kuro one-shotting Red makes little sense, especially if they are in the accelerated world. And if they were on equal footing, couldn’t the remaining five defeat her with ease?
  • What’s up with all the innuendos?
  • One thing I’m not clear about, if Chiyuri really likes is Haru, which is suggested, why even date Taku in the first place? Because he asked her out first? Hmm..
  • Real neuro-linkers will be scary, imagine having all your thoughts exposed. Lawyers and policemen will be out of jobs as well.

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