Sankarea 3

Ladies and gentlemen, buckle your seat belts, because stuff just got real.

Let’s see, I did check out the manga specifically just to compare the differences; sequencing as well as pacing since this is a key episode and in the simplest words possible – This episode delivered.

One thing I noticed about Rea’s father is that other than being a douche, it seems that he only takes his gloves off to touch Rea. Maybe I’m reading too much into that but could that symbolize how much he “treasures” her and that everything else is not deem worthy of his touch? Or perhaps it simply could be that he is some hygiene freak, or maybe he has a command seal that he wishes to hide?

Rea’s mom on the other hand, seems to be the career-type of women given how aloof she is and using alcohol as a stress reliever. I don’t remember too much about her nor the father since they both are going to play minor roles fairly shortly soon. Somehow there is still something that strikes me as “more than meets the eye” for some reason though.

Wanko, how I wish you weren’t here for fan-service. But sadly it seems to be the case since the extra pantsu shots weren’t present in the manga. Nor did the manga emphasize the fact that she has huge assets as well. As a manga reader, it is a real pity to see her stereotyped to such a role since I do know for a fact that she is more than that, which is all I can say without spoiling too much. From my hazy memory and some random browsing through I’m not sure if she will play a larger role within this season or not, my guess is no.

The climax and highlight of the episode comes from the death, and not surprisingly, the rebirth of Rea. The way she died however, feels a little random to me since it makes little sense for Rea and more so her Dad to be up there on a ledge. It might be a little over dramatized as well but it didn’t really bother me too much. What I was more concerned about was the black gaping hole around Rea’s abdomen. That, is censorship which feels like an overkill. The manga version shows her guts dangling out but it was also censored in terms in that only the outline can be seen. Point being, I’m not sure if this is the best way to go around censoring this particular guro scene, not that I am a fan of guro but I just dislike censorship as a whole.

While I understand most censorship are mainly done for marketing purposes, this particular one baffles me. Pantsu and half-naked ladies are apparently fine but guro isn’t? What’s up with that? Anyway, maybe I’m heartless or something, but her “death” scene wasn’t anything too shocking or tear inducing. At least the story starts to pick up from here. The adaptation covered exactly one chapter of the manga, which is fine for now and from what I skimmed through they will have to pick up the pace soon otherwise I’d start worrying about pacing issues.

It is a pity that Sankarea, in my opinion, gets generalized as romcom + ecchi. While that is true for the most part, there are some very interesting story developments that we may or may not get to see since this series is 1 cour.

Random thoughts:

  • More Wanko!
  • More Mero. (only cause of Index’s seiyuu)
  • Less gramps.
  • Less bromance moments.

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