Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? OF THE DEAD 3

There were so many jokes on different levels that I don’t even know where to begin. If in doubt, always go through them chronologically!

  • (in)genius pun
    The nice thing about the Japanese language is that it allows for puns and wordplay, Araragi will testify to that. Today we have Oshiri Ai (butt love) vs oshiriai (acquaintance). As for why Sarasvati fell for Ayumu’s butt, I am just as puzzled as Sera is, that doesn’t make it any less amusing to watch though. This show has no qualms about showing off Ayumu stark naked along with the fully glory of his shining ass, which can be a good or bad thing. Good for lulz, bad for being anti fan-service.
  • Mystletainn saga finally ends..or not?
    Ever since Mystletainn broke in episode 1, Ayumu has been going emo over his peaceful days being robbed from him. Haruna decides to operate on Mystletainn since the repair application is going to take like forever (lol). And just when I thought the whole scandal affair was going to end just like that, stuff happens when you forget to put back a screw. I was half expecting a screw (no pun intended) up to occur though, since that will mean more comedy for us to enjoy.
  • Bring the old Orito back!
    Have you seen the new Orito yet? By far it was the most funny scene in the entire episode. Other than being totally gross, the BL tones made me laugh out loud. “I don’t need you, you are the one who needs me!”
  • Stuff is finally happening?
    My feelings got cheated when I saw Tomonori in such a compromised pose (bloomers ahhh!). I thought that the plot is finally going to continue with Tomonori involved, but alas it turned out to be the exact opposite. Still, I can’t complain whenever Tomonori gets screen time because she got shafted (pun intended) last season. The whole live concert thing came out of nowhere and caught me by surprise. The voodoo/curse dance thing wasn’t too funny until the pair unleashed it onto the unsuspecting audience. I was half prepared though, after being duped last time, I expected the duo to mess it up after what seemed like they were going to make it with lessons from Michael Jackson Ayumu himself.
  • Not forgetting the plot
    While this was mostly a random comedic episode, I remember S1 of Zombie using the exact same method of developing the suspense by slowly revealing bits and pieces of what is going to happen and then catching viewers unaware. Let us not forget that Yousei-san probably has a bigger role to play other than being drunk and offering random yet relevant bits of advice in her drunken stupor.

Random thoughts:

  • Omake is getting better and better! This week’s delusional Eu is played by Koyama Kimiko Too bad original Eu only got a single line this week. I really wonder how they are going to do subsequent omakes as the delusional Eus start to pile up.
  • Ayumu needs to take part in So You Think You Can Dance.
  • MORE TOMONORI! Or should I start calling her Yukinori from now onwards?
  • Only Eu is partially affected by the power of the curse dance, she’s definitely high level.
  • Getting Madoka vibes when Ayumu completed his transformation..Oh dear I still can picture it.

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