Shining Hearts ~Shiawase no Pan~ 1

So..The screen caps were lying around for almost two days and it is about high time that I get down to doing this after getting the weekly suspects out-of-the-way. Honestly I find myself in a very tight spot after watching episode 1..Also let’s play a game of “how many times will I use the word bread” while writing this, starting after the break!

For those who are totally illiterate when it comes to Japanese, Shiawase no Pan literally means “bread of happiness”.

I saw what the producers did there when they decided to name the adaptation “bread of happiness” because literally, the bread that Rick (Kamiya Hiroshi) bakes makes them happy. “I feel happier just from breathing in this bread‘s aroma.” You know what, I would sell half of my soul to the devil just to get his recipe because having that would make me filthy rich happy..I mean, bread that makes people happy? Comedians and clowns would be out of jobs with that man. Everyone would be happy eating just bread, I would be happy too, since it also means that the world would be a better place to live in with bread that makes people happy.

I really want to avoid talking about bread, but that is nearly impossible because this whole episode revolves around bread! Even the ED is a song about bread holy cow. Other than Rick doing the baking, half of the episode is about Rick’s girlfriends party members (remember this is an RPG!) Airy (Mikami Shiori); Neris (Aizawa Mai); Amil (Itou Kanae) delivering bread around parts of the town and flirting goofing around with Rick.

Well, stuff did happen though. But alas more bread was involved. After completing a side quest to obtain butter and other food products from a NPC, the trio and the hero went into new territory to obtain an important quest item known as “sugar grass” that is vital to the secrets of making bread that acts like drugs makes people happy. There they met an injured creature known as a silf who belongs to the elves. Apparently elves in this version do not like humans stepping into their territory, so what is the best way to appease them? Offering bread of course! Even Rana (Hirohashi Ryou) likes bread!

Silliness and bread aside, it is time to get semi-serious. I did read the synopsis and episode 1 is probably more of a prequel episode with foreshadowing involved. The main female lead has yet to show up so there is a ongoing plot than just bread. To be frank though I really don’t think plot will be the strength of this series..Especially since it is a RPG adaptation which makes it even trickier to adapt. It might just be me but somehow games being adapted just doesn’t feel natural.

There is only one main reason to watch this. Not for the bread folks, nope. Watch it for the character design and animation. The character designs are done by god himself Tony Taka or better known as T2; TT; ero kami. This guy is a beast when it comes down to drawing, sure they may suffer from the same-face syndrome but that is also his trademark and what sets his designs out from the rest. Another crucial point is that the adaptation pretty much kept the original character designs from TT himself, I’ve watched my fair share of adaptations that totally butcher the character designs, i.e the anime and the original characters look totally different.

The animation on the other hand is also excellent. In fact from what the list I’m watching I would say it ranks just behind Fate Zero at the moment. Check the screen caps out, I don’t think I’ve seen bread looking this tempting, ever. Production I.G ain’t no slouch when it comes down to making bread look good making girls look attractive. I was tempted to call it top-notch but I did see the usual quality dip when it comes to distant character shots, everything else still looks sharp and crisp though.

At the end of the day, I was stuck with asking myself whether should I continue watching this series just for bread the character designs because they simply look gorgeous. I don’t really care about the plot anymore because I’m semi-convinced it is going to be fairly cliché from what I have read. Since I am able to watch through it in one sitting (this is a good benchmark), I have decided to continue watching this anime, in hopes that bread will not be the focal point of the series, seriously I expected some form of bread to show up, but not this often till the point where I felt compelled to poke some fun at it. I did check out who will be voicing what and found out that there are a couple more big names that have yet to show up which is an additional plus. I believe in second chances and I don’t really have a high expectation these days so hopefully the remaining episodes don’t disappoint me too much.

/end of game

Random thoughts:

  • A quick run through shows the word bread has appeared 23 times
  • I really want to try eating the food shown in the anime, I’m not joking this time it really looks delicious.

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