Tasogare Otome x Amnesia 2

Either I am bad at it or the episode was just too good. I had to spend around half an hour just selecting the screen caps to use for this episode. I’m so tempted to read the manga at this point..

Must..resist..the..temptation. Seriously this episode did not disappoint. The “another” perspective is back once again, this time in a different form. How creative can this series get?

This week’s different perspective comes in the form of how Niiya and Okonogi perceive Yuuko. While on the surface it may seem fairly lighthearted and comical, on the flip side there is an underlying meaning to it. As mentioned indirectly, the mind can be a double-edged sword. Our minds tends to play tricks on ourselves, creating an illusion of fear; jumping into conclusions; believing in things that otherwise don’t exist; etc. In this case, Okonogi’s own subconsciousness has created a fear that otherwise doesn’t exist, she falsely believed that in failing a ritual (why would she do that in the first place?) would cause her to be haunted by the ghost. Once again, this contrasting point-of-view theme is something refreshing that I haven’t quite seen in a while. In fact, the execution of it was better than the previous episode because it didn’t consume too much screen time compared to the last.

Another stylistic approach that caught my eye is how much “blackened bordershots (I don’t know the proper term for it >_<) were used. Other than being a reminiscence to the early days of TV, in a way it reduces the amount of drawing that needs to be done by the studio. I’m not saying that they are skimping on it but I think that it is an artistic direction that might influenced by *cough* SHAFT *cough*.

One thing I’m not too sure about is the order that this episode was aired in, this was clearly the beginning of the story of how Niiya met Yuuko and subsequently Okonogi. Is this episode better off as episode one? Might be, but if that were the case, then the original episode one dual-perspective thing would not have been effective at all since viewers already know the existence of Yuuko. So I gotta say it is well-thought out by the screen writers.

The thing that makes me love this series so much is the perfect balance of mystery (horror even?); comedy; ecchi genres. In addition to that, the transition in between them are flawlessly done. Did any moment feel awkward or out-of-place? Not at all. In all honesty though, I feel can watch this series solely just for Yuuko because she is so sexy entertaining to watch. I mean, who else gets embarrassed by someone else seeing their dead body? Well it is naked in a sense.. The way she teases Niiya on different occasions makes it such a treat to watch even though I’m burning with jealousy within. How often is it that we get to see a bodacious female lead and a male lead who shy’s away from her? The answer is often, but the thing that stood out is the chemistry and interaction between the both of them that makes it fun to watch.

Comedic and ecchi moments were not lacking and that deserves praise too. Ghost busting has never been this scary; funny; and even ecchi at the same time. It is a shame to see Okonogi pigeonholed into a comedic relief role though, hopefully she will serve a bigger purpose in the episodes to come since she clearly has something for Niiya after the haunting incident.

It is easy to forget the main plot in light of watching all the amusing moments and make no mistake, there is a lot of symbolism (for a lack of better word) going on here. There are a fair number of scenes that allude that there is something deep and darker to the whole story, which serves as a reminder that there is indeed a larger question that remains unsolved. What is the true nature behind Yuuko exactly?

Next week Kirie should be re-introduced in a proper manner since she did not show up this episode. Already looking forward to the possible fun that she could bring to the table.

Random thoughts:

  • OP is insanely good, sang by a 15-year-old? That’s madness!
  • Not feeling the ED too much yet, gotta listen it a couple more times.
  • Must..not..read..manga..Else I’ll kick myself for ruining my enjoyment of watching this every week.



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