Sankarea 2

I have mixed feelings after watching this episode. I did read the manga so I do have source material knowledge and therefore comparisons will be inevitable. Of course I didn’t specifically read the manga again just to see what difference was made but something definitely stood out.

Plot and pacing-wise, it might feel a little slow, especially for manga readers, but overall I think it is still acceptable. Stuff ain’t just happening..yet. What happened here can be summarized into two lines:

  • Furuya continues to experiment and finally succeeds at his last attempt in creating the elixir of life potion of resurrection.
  • Rea’s past is explored.

Spoiler of sorts: Rea’s childhood is not delved into in the manga, making the 8 minutes or so on it purely anime original content. While it wasn’t too badly done, I felt they harped on it for a tad bit too long. Especially the friend portion of it, it feels slightly out-of-place. But I can understand it is for the sake of not advancing the story too quickly since there isn’t a lot of source material even for a one cour so they probably have to come up with original content.

But come on, seriously if anyone watches for this plot, go watch something else instead. If anything, I would just watch this series for Wanko…um I mean the interaction between Rea and Furuya, or both. The fortunate thing or not, Mr cat-boy is too obsessed with zombies to even care about the fact that he is spending time with princess Rea, alone. The other thing is, Rea doesn’t seem to realize her situation just yet, as she is most likely too preoccupied with what is going on at home. Not to worry shippers, this is only the beginning.

All nice things aside, there is the more serious half of this episode, namely Rea’s background. I don’t know how real this can get in real life, but having an overly zealous father and an apathetic mother doesn’t sound too far-fetched. But for that to happen in a high-class family, every family has a skeleton in the closet huh? In all seriousness though, suicide is never an option. I can on and on about this forever but just think about how millions of people struggle to find food and shelter in this world and yet people can go on complaining about the smallest of things and contemplating suicide over something that isn’t life-threatening just baffles me. Do I feel sorry for Rea? Well a little since I’m pretty much a heartless person but she has her options and suicide isn’t the smartest choice.

The line that struck gold for me this episode was “undress Rea If my own happiness will lead to the misfortune of others, then being unhappy is probably the wisest choice” This line has a very deep meaning to it and essentially it deconstructs into: “How selfish are we?” In the simplest of explanations, if one person wins, the other has to lose. Real life is much more complex than that with various factors and circumstances but essentially this line of thought should be given some pondering even though it might be somewhat disturbing.

Stepping back into a more comfortable zone, I felt the fan-service sector was dialed up a notch, the scenes were present in the manga but I don’t remember it being emphasized this much. It didn’t feel too forced it didn’t feel too natural either, almost as if it is being pushed as a marketing tactic. (Most likely it is) Last but not least, for those still concerned about actual plot, fret not because things are going to get real soon.

Random thoughts:

  • If Furuya knew Ayumu, I’m sure they would be great friends.
  • Totally digging the OP. The only other song that I liked from nano.RIPE was the first opening for Hanasaku Iroha, the rest didn’t quite strike the right chords for me.
  • Someone else pointed this out and I paid some attention to it and it seems that there are some SHAFT influences in the directing of this episode with regards to the camera angles and zooming in. If I am not mistaken the director has some connections to SHAFT though once again I’m not really into overly technical details.

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