Kore wa Zombie Desu ka OF THE DEAD? 2

Damn, I think I love this series more than I realize it. While waiting for the subs to be released yesterday, I went ahead and watched the raw version. After what was a Tomonori-centric episode essentially, I proceeded to watch episodes 7 and 8 of S1 just to remind myself why Tomonori is the best female character in Zombie.

One good thing after watching the raw is that I realized that the dialogue here is much easier to understand than I thought. I still opted to wait for the subs before getting started on this. (While getting sidetracked and distracted in the process)

Jumping into the episode, I was wrong when I said last week that Ayumu will somehow wriggle his way out of the mess he made in the previous episode. Mystletainn still remains broken, Ayumu lands up at the police station for his antics in school dressed up in his birthday suit. Sera also knows how to kick a man; in this case a zombie and a masou shoujo when he is down. What a kusho mushi.

I’m not sure if some sorcery was involved, but apparently cross-dressing as a masou shoujo has a became the next big thing. Ayumu practically ended up from zero to hero in that instant. Gaia sure pulled a huge joke on the whole scandal candle affair, as Yousei-san would put it.

Jokes aside, it is time to be semi-serious. The internet and social media can be a double-edged sword. So guys and gals, beware of what you do out there, because stuff can spread around the world faster than you can say NOOOO!! Also, don’t tell a guy that his legs are pretty.

The highlight and focus of this episode though, definitely belonged to Tomonori. I kinda wished that the rest of the harem didn’t tag along but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the whole star gazing trip, which was awesome on so many levels. My top 3 favourite moments are:

  1. Tomonori going dere. Tomonori is like 10% tsun and 90% dere, Sera is the exact polar opposite. I can’t explain this one any further because every time I try to, my brain just melts. HNNNNNGHHHHH! (Note the violin playing in the background when the two finally get a moment together)
  2. Boys, be ambitious! Ayumu barrier! “Desu yo ne!”
  3. The meteor rain scene along with the insert song. Oh gosh, that was so masterfully done. This proves that this series can transition from comedy to a more sombre mood almost seamlessly. I want to see such a sight within my life time..*sniffs*

Not to forget, there is also Sarasvati, the newest addition to the harem. Why she fell in love with Ayumu for his ass is something beyond my realm of understanding, Though I’m interested to see her interact with the rest of the cast since she seems to be operating alone at the moment. I also suspect she is 99% tsun and 1% dere, please let me be wrong! Definitely could use more of “My (insert X word here) darling” lines.

What makes Zombie even better, is the fact that there is still plot, aka something happening behind all the fun and laughter. Yousei-san for now seems harmless, but she absolutely has a bigger role to play than just being a comedy relief. Kyoko and Dai-sensei also make a return. Something is brewing..

Other random thoughts:

  • Yes! It seems like the delusional vs real Eu omake is here to stay every week! The contrasting interaction between the fake and the real makes that segment really cute to watch. More lines from the original Eu can’t hurt can it? This week’s delusional Eu B is voiced by Minami Omi.
  • The meteor rain scene really reminded me of Bakemonogatari ep..11? The episode where Araragi  and Senjougahara went star gazing together. That was my favourite episode in that whole series.
  • Good bye to the yesterday me. Hello to the new me..And farewell to the new me.
  • If I could I would have just made the entire gallery various shots of dere Tomonori because I deleted so many of them 😦 I-I didn’t do it for you or anything like that! I-It’s for the sake of variety! Yes for variety!
  • Top 3 series at the moment goes to F/Z, Zombie and TOxA.

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