Haiyore! Nyaruko-san 1

I think I just lost some sanity points from watching this episode. Please do not take that previous sentence seriously.. Oh dear the uu-nyaa uu-nyaa opening keeps running through my head like what nyan cat did to me in the past. This is bad!

When this episode started I really wondered if I was watching the correct show because that was not what I expected when I saw the PV and preview. Thankfully I was only misled for the first minute or so after Nyarlathotep, or easier known as Nyaruko (Asumi Kana, nishishishi) saves Yasaka Mahiro (Kitamura Eri, took me 4 minutes to realize) from a demon known as a Nightgaunt.

So what exactly is this show about? The name Nyarlathotep (gosh typing that is a nightmare) originates from a god in the Cthulhu Mythology and no I did not bother to google to verify that. Apparently they’re aliens who have come to defend Earth from the aforementioned demons as well as Mahiro himself, exact reason not known at this point.

The important point to note is that the above paragraph does not matter at all even if it is true. This series is clearly comedy; with the occasional ecchi moments; lots of goofy moments; possibly parodies like Pokemon and D&D; along with slice-of-life since it’s the usual school + normal life routine. Essentially in other words, it also means – Plot does not matter. It is too early to discount that though, but the point that I’m trying to get at is that plot will not be the main selling point of this series.

Since there isn’t anything much to expand on in terms of plot, let’s talk about some of the character’s quirks. Nyaruko is:

  1. All lovey dovey and shameless about her (debatable gender) love for Mahiro;
  2. She uses English sometimes in her phrases too which thankfully don’t sound too bad
  3. Likes shopping
  4. Cooks delicious food of questionable origins
  5.  Has a pokemon pet named Shanta-kun.
    Her seiyuu does a decent job at voicing her and fleshing out her personality. But I could see/hear the role go to Kita Eri herself who happens to be playing the male lead.

Mahiro on the other hand:

  1. He looks like a girl
  2. He is voiced by a female
  3. He is being protected by a girl Fine I’ll give him this one
  4. Uses a fork as a weapon of choice
  5. Real men don’t go dere! Or maybe they do?
    It’s also somewhat refreshing to hear Kita Eri voice a male. (similar to Toyosaki Aki in Medaka Box) The last time I heard her use such a deep voice was perhaps for her role in “Fam: The Last Exile”.

Going by the OP and preview, there seems to be a couple more Cthulhu gods and a possible childhood friend. That is about it for this episode.

Moving on to the technicalities, animation-wise it’s not the best I would say, after all it is XEBEC handling the animation and from what I heard they rank somewhere at the bottom with regards to the quality of their work. Music-wise the OP is kind of addictive and cute (damn), in terms of soundtrack it is rather fitting but doesn’t really stand out on it’s own.

A point of comparison that I would like to make though is that this series is somewhat similar to Upotte! (checked out episode one though it is not in my to-watch list) where the main focus isn’t on plot but rather everything else. If I had to pick though, I would still choose Nyrauko-san over Upotte! Just my personal preference, since this series feels slightly more polished even though both are just strictly average across the board, perhaps even mediocre.

That OP..ugh..it’s bad yet it’s good. Nyruko casts confuse ray, it’s super effective!

Random thoughts:

  • In the beginning where her introductory speech was fast-forwarded, by slowing/lowering the playback speed you can actually hear her speak normally.
  • The shopping scenes are definitely set up in Akihabara, the parody/remake of it is fairly decent.
  • I hope she gets another casual outfit because..variety is nice?
  • There was an earlier run of this series two years back, though seemingly in flash animation, don’t ask me how that one looks like because I did not watch it, nor do I intend to.

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