Medaka Box 1

Upon seeing that the original author for this adaptation is none other than Nisio Isin, whom is better known for his -monogatari series, I decided to give this series a shot, seeing how it is also published in the Weekly Shounen Jump magazine, meaning that it does have a certain level of popularity. However..

Having not read the manga, I’ve come across comments that; simply put, the manga underwent a huge genre shift from being Slice-of-Life to pure Shounen with battles and all, with yet another shift into what it is today. As for the writing flair that made the -monogatari series so well-known for, it isn’t going to be present until the later parts of the manga. With that I began this episode with mixed feelings, not really knowing what to expect. And in the end..

I still don’t know what to expect, I think that the school life elements are going to continue till she recruits other members of the student council before the plot and genre suddenly shifts. “A bag of mixed feelings” pretty much sums up what I thought about this episode and series as a whole.

I won’t go too deep into production values, since I’m no expert in this area. I know certain people and usually the more dedicated watchers pay a lot of attention to the production studio; the director; original author; music composer; writing staff; seiyuu cast; art/character designs etc. Call me shallow if you will, but to me I just base my impressions on what I see, if it’s good then great; if it’s bad then so be it. I’m not going to say: “Oh this director did so-and-so yet he screwed up/this is going to be promising.” or “Nah this dude sucks did you see his past works? I’m giving this a miss.” I understand that track records are important but to form prejudiced opinions is something I prefer not to have, and instead adopt a more neutral mindset when watching any series. One thing I gotta say though is hearing Toyosaki Aki speak in a much deeper voice is sort of refreshing compared to the usual chipmunk Yui-esque voice.

Going into the actual episode itself, the premise is rather simple, with the introduction of the main characters, Kurokami Medaka (Toyosaki Aki she’s everywhere); Hitoyoshi Zenkichi (Ono Yuuki); Shiranui Hansode (Kato Emiri QB!); villain of the day Hyuga (Okitsu Kazuyuki). As for plot, there isn’t any major plot line…yet. Thus far it’s just Medaka; some kendo and flowers. Oh and some weird shenanigans like a dojo blowing up and literally having the world at the palm of your hand along with some ecchi sprinkled on top as well.

The main focus of today’s episode was more or less centered on Medaka‘s character as well as her childhood friend Zenkichi. If people like Medaka existed in reality; which I am sure there are at least some alternate forms of, she is sure to be disliked, or even hated. Don’t ask me why, but that is just how the world works. People who are born with talent or with some form of superior abilities may never understand how normal people like us struggle to achieve a fraction of what they can do. Hard work and perseverance is one thing, and I’m a strong advocate of that, but realistically speaking there is always a certain limit somewhere.

People who are too “perfect” tend to be subjected to jealousy and envy. People who fall into the “goody two shoes” category tend to be subjected to scorn and hate. The result of that is Medaka, whom is seemingly the perfect human being. To be honest, people like these tend to be fairly lonely because the general crowd cannot understand nor comprehend their actions. No matter how “right” a course of action seems to be, no one likes having ideals shoved down their throats. And that is how the cookie crumbles.

Zenkichi on the other hand is in somewhat of a gender role reversal, being the childhood friend and presumably at this point love interest. Good luck my friend, the road ahead is going to be arduous. Behind the back of every successful woman is a man..Wait what? Damn he is a tsundere too? This guy is getting my full support.

Shiranui, nothing constructive I can really say at this point other than she is here to serve as a comic relief with those cute facial expressions.

Silliness aside, it is going to be interesting to see what happens from here, especially when the school life part is over. I’ll continue watching this series, but not on coverage since I already have Zombie on the same day and Zombie is clearly the stronger of the two for me. I’m going to keep my expectations low and see exactly what direction this series is heading towards, as currently it is a box of mixed goodies at the moment.


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