Sankarea 1

When I saw the announcement that this manga was receiving an adaptation (forgot when that was), I checked out the manga for fun and actually marathoned up to the latest chapter. Suffice to say, I enjoyed reading the manga a lot; I was hoping that the adaptation not disappoint manga readers. So how did episode 1 fare?

The whole of Sankarea can be summed up in 3 words, Romance; Comedy (romcom) and Zombie. What’s up with zombies these days? There’s KWZDK, HOTD and now this, not that it is a bad thing by any means. Heck, I don’t see any real life zombie flicks turning moe anytime soon. Ahh, the wonders of 2D.

So far everything was done pretty well; faithfully I would say. The only major thing that I found odd was the foreshadowing done in the closing minutes of the episode. While I can’t recall if it was in the manga or not, it just felt very out-of-place. The other minor point I would say is the pacing, which can feel slow to some, since I can probably summarize this episode in a sentence or two.

“We are introduced to the main characters of Sankarea, including imouto Mero. (Iguchi Yuka, Tsukihi!) Babu the cat dies in an accident and Furuya (Kimura Ryohei) a hardcore zombie maniac/lover tries to resurrects it. While doing so he chances upon Sanka Rea (Uchida Maaya) who has some problems on her own and thus an unlikely romance starts to blossom for the both of them.”

Romance would not be nearly as interesting to watch without some sort of rival isn’t it? Enter Ranko! (Yahagi Sayuri) It should be known that she is more affectionately known as Wanko..and that reminds me of a certain girl nicknamed Anaru. Face-palm moment aside, Ranko, or should I call her Wanko from now on; is your very typical osananajimi (childhood friend) type of rival, with a tease. Unfortunately though it is also common knowledge that girls who fall under this category usually stand a low chance, furthermore with our MC having no interest in “real” girls at all (such a shame), let’s just say her chances are as good as 0.

Rea on the other hand belongs to the “This girl is out of my league” type of category, with a twist. I’m guessing that writers like to do such a pairing because honestly every one of us has had that kind of thought and fantasy. Since reality doesn’t quite work out like that, we all turn to watching shows like this to comfort ourselves. It’s ok, you are not alone…or are you?

There are also mild fan-service elements which don’t feel forced unlike *cough* Queen’s Blade *cough*, which is something I enjoy more than the latter. After all, having “special service” in romcom is like having icing on top of a cake, mmm tasty. As for the school life aspect, I’m not sure what is it like over the other side, but I heard that the grass is greener. True story.

Wrapping things up, I’ll probably stick to a more impression-based type of writing instead of summaries. That makes my word count look bad though, then again I myself personally dislike reading walls of text even if they are meaningful. Sankarea has done a good job with episode one – Visuals were decent; Character Designs pretty for the females; Comedic moments with facial expressions always welcomed; Music didn’t really stand out. I would say watch mainly for the character interactions in the romance department since the plot itself isn’t too thrilling though somewhat fairly unique.

However I’m fairly worried that we might get an anime-original ending since the manga itself hasn’t been running long enough for there to be enough source material to adapt from. There is a certain stop point that marks the end of an arc of sorts though so they might use that to end this adaptation, which seems to be the more probable choice. The only question that remains is how are they going to achieve that pacing wise?


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