Queen’s Blade: Rebellion 1

Advisory: While the pictures here do not contain any nudity, there is nudity in this series.

So, apparently no one wants to sub the ever-so-controversial series fondly known as Queen’s Blade. Since Zombie des ka? isn’t quite subbed yet, I decided to give this episode a shot RAW. Damn, a double episode yesterday and a raw episode today. With that said just remember everything that is going to be written is based on listening RAW. (IE without the aid of subtitles). This is going to be something new.

Level of understanding: 50%, give and take. While it’s not hard to understand what is going on since pictures pretty much tell the whole story, I still don’t fully understand the technical parts of certain dialogues. Pure summary of what happens in this episode below – skip to First Impressions for my thoughts on the show.

In the opening minutes, Captain Jack Sparrow Liliana (Itou Shizuka, ara ara)is seen invading some random town with her crew from the Black Pearl some floating phantom ship before being interrupted by the main character of this series Annelotte (Endo Aya). I can’t quite make out whether this is just a random battle of sorts or if it has a relevance to anything later, my bets are on the former.

Next scene, Yuit (Chihara Minori) is reading about what happened above on the news with her automaton Vante (Takaguchi Yukiko) and some random guy not even worth mentioning. Males, in Queen’s Blade? Wrong place sir. Mirim (Toyosaki Aki) is seen being bullied by local guards for ? reason and Yuit interferes. Some dialogue about Mirim needing money to cure her mother’s sickness.

Scene changes to Branwen (Inoue Kikuko)fighting some monstrosity in a gladiator-style like battle. After being tortured (nope no pictures), Ymir (Saitou Ayaka) is spotted conversing with Shigi (Kobayashi Yuu) about technical stuff like alchemy, magic and other things.

Scene changes yet again to LunaLuna (Sakurai Harumi) doing some ritualistic dance and her conversing with some old man who didn’t quite understand (me too!) what she said.

Back to Yuit, she reads her schedule out loud before being visited by Mirim, whom accidentally touches the magical stone and surprisingly didn’t get hurt, though I as for what happens to normal people..I’m not sure. Ymir arrives and is from what I understand she is interested in the automaton and wants Yuit to follow her back to the capital city. Yuit joking says no but goes along anyway, stating that she knows resistance is futile.

Of course she has a backup plan up her sleeve, they break free, only to be stop by…Elina! (Mizuhashi Kaori, Minami!) With a new look to boot! They battle and Yuit loses her remote control for Vante and once again Annelotte interferes! Yuit calls Annelotte “onii-chan” (skirt and her chest not obvious enough, also in an earlier OVA it is revealed that Annelotte used to dress up as a male), while hanging on the edge of a cliff..hmm..seems doubly legit. An important point to remember in QB is that when fighting, only the portion of clothing covering the chest gets shredded while everything else remains intact. Elina knocks Yuit off the cliff, causing Annelotte to summon a steed which in turn launches Elina away. (lol moment)

Switching into town for a moment (happened mid battle), Ymir checks Mirim out with her BWH some power gauging meter and finds the results interesting. After the battle, Yuit finds out that Mirim has left with Ymir, on the promise of money. Her magical stone is also stolen as well.

First Impressions:
On my second listen-through, I found out that I understood most of the simpler dialogues, which were mostly not mentioned in the summary above. Anyways for the most part, this is basically an introductory episode, where all the new characters are introduced, and returning characters reintroduced.

I’m not going to go through the story and setting of QB:R because really, who watches this for plot? *raises hand* I’m partially serious, to me I don’t really care about the nudity/boobies as they are just fan service aspects. In fact, this series does not even have ecchi elements as compared to shows that don’t have nudity yet are way more erotic like Kiss X Sis. Therefore, people who watch this show for boobies, I don’t really know what to think of that.

The main reason why I wanted to at least do the first episode of QB:R is to give readers an objective opinion and the show a fair chance instead of leaving it to be pigeonholed as a generic fan service show with little plot. Make no mistake, the plot is nothing overly spectacular, if the past two seasons of QB serves as a form of indication.

So why watch this show at all? For boobies! QB and QB:R has an extensive cast of characters, 99% of them being female. Breasts aside, the character designs for certain characters are rather good. Annelotte; Liliana and Elina are the ones that come to mind. Watch it for the wide range seiyuu cast, some of them being fairly big names. But that is all I would say, animation is decent, music is decent. Oh one more thing, there are hardly prominent males in this series, if that kind of thing matters.

To be fair though, it is clear-cut that shows like this are extremely niche and only appeal to a small spectrum of audiences. While I will continue to watch this series since I’ve already come this far by watching the previous two, chances of me continuing coverage is low. It has almost been 3 days since this episode is out yet it is still unsubbed. I don’t really have to spell out what that means.

My parting words for those who want to give this series a shot is: Set your expectations low and you might just be pleasantly surprised.


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