Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? OF THE DEAD 1

I was writing halfway when I decided to scratch writing summaries because they just don’t cut it anymore. So instead I chose to list down points that made this episode funny. I would say that watching season one isn’t mandatory to understand what is going on, but to fully appreciate the jokes and humour involved I’d certainly recommend giving season 1 a watch.

  • Ayumu (Majima Junji) gives a little speech on having hidden secrets in this world and being a chosen one to uncovering such secrets, before taking too much damage from being under the sun. “Hanasoka, kakoii” “Aikawa, kakko warui” (word play).
  • Mistaking Yousei-san (Nabatame Hitomi) for a ghost, they make fun of that, only that they are no better themselves, they being a vampire ninja Seraphim (Hikasa Youko buchou!) who is all tsun and no dere; her insults never fail to amuse me, prodigy masou shoujo Haruna (Nomizu Iori Nymph!) who still thinks she’s a genius, necromancer Eu (Tsukimiya Midori) who doesn’t speak and the zombie man himself.
  • Ayumu’s delusion. (yes they are back! With a different seiyuu every week too hopefully)
  • Tomonori (Kanemoto Hisako); my favourite girl in this series, rejecting Orito’s (Yoshino Hiroyuki) advances.
  • Tamagoyaki/fried eggs. (That being the only thing Haruna can cook yet she is SOO GOOD at it, refer to S1)
  • Evening time – “Aren’t you leaving yet?” “I like this time of the day.” “Actually I just don’t want to walk in the sunlight.”
  • “Everyone, don’t say weird things, that can’t be Aikawa-kun” “Actually yes it is me” “Noooooooo
  • Squid megalo being gay and Ayumu making “strange” noises.
  • Nomobio Oshi Ashitawa Dokeda Gummicha Temibura! Ayumu’s transformation scene with added sound effects and camera phones flashing, exactly mirroring season 1 “desu yo ne?” Also 1000% cuter now!
  • Good ole Mystletainn kick! “That’s not a kick!”
  • Poor Hiramatsu (Yamaguchi Rie), that must be traumatizing.
  • Mystletainn-sensei breaking down.
  • New harem member Sarasvati (Gouda Aya) get!

First Impressions:
Damn, it has been more than a year since season 1 aired (Jan’11), watching this episode made me felt nostalgic and I recalled exactly what made this series such an enjoyable watch. Even the caps were hard to choose.

While the jokes in this series as a whole aren’t the type that makes me burst out laughing, I find that the humour involved usually connects well with me and thus I’m able to appreciate them.

Delusional Eu (Inoue Kikuko) is definitely one of the main running highlights in KWZDK, in fact, actual Eu spoke this week in an omake! Yes! Finally the viewers didn’t have to wait 12 weeks just to hear her speak. Please keep this omake section up every week! Also in this week, puking rainbows, a meme got animated in possibly the moe-est way possible.

My favourite gag though has to be the breaking down of Mystletainn, I’ll admit something, I cheated and skimmed through episodes 1 and 2 of S1 just to find the similarities and whether the whole memory erasure thing was real. I was surprised though, both opening episodes were really similar when compared side-to-side. But what happens now that this time round it failed? I’m sure the writers will have something to pull out of their hat in regards to that though.

Now, for actual judgment objective views. The main strengths of Zombie does not lie in animation, though strictly in comparison to S1 (while I cheated) I really see a notable improvement, however the various facial expressions can be funny to look at. The seiyuu cast here is exceptionally strong, with extra props given to Ayumu’s seiyuu for making those “weird” noises and anti-climatic moments. It can be a turn-off for some but don’t take it seriously and it becomes amusing. Music themes make a return from S1 too which is a small plus. The OP and ED both received a buff in terms of animation, especially the ED, watch it if you have tendencies to skip the animation and just listen to the music like me.

To my main point, more than a year ago, Zombie was not even on my to-watch list nor on my radar. However this was one of the rare cases where I read a first impression post and actually liked what I see. I decided to give it a watch and never looked back. As the story progressed. A show that is thought to be the usual generic fan-service, harem, comedy is actually something more than that, in a sense it can be dark, grim and serious while maintaining the harem-esque aspects as well. This is what makes the show truly shine and also why it is severely underrated when it first aired.

My verdict is that right now I’m calling it; albeit prematurely; the comedy series of this season. (Mainly because there isn’t any strong comedy series either). I’ll continue coverage of this series, and try to use another writing style next time.

PS: Tomonori HNGGGHHHHHHHHH! (Thanks Croos for the image)


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