Zetman 1

This is the first of the first impressions that I will be doing for the start of each season, basically I will try to cover the episode ones of shows that I am watching in order to better understand them from a blogging point of view as well as more importantly decide if I want to continue further coverage or not. Now that this long and awkward sentence without much punctuation is out-of-the-way, let’s get started!

In the opening minutes of this episode, we are introduced to these monsters, or better termed as “Players” in this case. Now I don’t know about what exactly do the rich and famous do since I ain’t one but in this case betting and watching these Players duke it out? Seems..legit. Or not. Either way, one fine day these Players gained self-consciousness and decided “Enough is enough!” and turned on their spectators, leaving us with 13 Players and 2 humans that escaped. I’m sure these numbers mean something in the future but for now the rest is just dark history.

Fast-forwarding to present time, a random couple were talking about some serial killer and the dude got his death flag raised as he wished he could witness something like that happened, and his wish was granted. Moral of the story here is to be careful with what you wish for!

Next we are introduced to Jin (Paku Romi child ver), presumably the protagonist and his grandfather, who gives him a lesson on the difference between violence and justice. That sounds familiar, most notably a certain monogatari series comes to mind. Not going to go in-depth on what defines justice because that is not what we are here for are we? Moving on, Mr.Justice finds himself a damsel-in-distress scenario, where she is cornered by thugs up an alleyway. Seems..legit. Even if this type of situation happens rather too often, the twist is that Mr.Justice now charges 10k yen for his services because even heroes need to eat and all right? After he is done wiping the floor with these low-level baddies, his allies Kouga and Konoha (Kaida Yuki child ver, Hanazawa Kana)showed up and the moment opened her mouth BAM! Hana Kana detected.

If I had that, I wouldn’t call it an Angel’s Ring, possibly a doughnut ring? Crappy references and a crappy attempt to imitate aside, I believe it is true that spit, or saliva helps to heal wounds because of its anti-bacteria properties, though I never tried it personally.

After receiving his payment, or should I say reward from “Oba-san”, Jin returns only to find his entire “village” massacred for just about no reason. Seems..legit. At least as a kid Jin at that point didn’t really know what death means, now this is legit. What is the next logical step to take? Find a doctor! Unfortunately doctors these days are also partially money grubbers, but jokes aside shouldn’t a doctor help a person in need before talking about money? Especially in cases of emergency. I guess Jin lived in a practical world similar to ours.

Jin tries to call his allies for assistance, but the both of them were busy being reprimanded for hanging out with him. I dislike elitism like this, especially for people who think they are elite just because they are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. You guys have little idea what struggles us commoners face man. But I can’t argue that having money and power gives you the right to be elite, because this is exactly how society works. One day I will destroy this world’s ruling structure..Until then I’ll continue slogging away here.

Jin sees the name card of “Oba-san” and seeks her out. Was the nature of her job really necessary to be revealed? I’m not too sure, fan service seems out of the question for a series such as this but we shall see. Not long after I thought that, I was proven wrong. This is one of the more touching (no pun intended) bathroom scenes that I have seen though. Anyways from here we can concur that the reason why Akemi (Hayamizu Risa) took a liking to Jin was because he sort of resembled/reminded her of her child.

In the penultimate scene of this episode, Jin meets the culprit behind the murders and presumably his alter ego awakens after falling into mortal danger. Nothing much to say here, just enjoy pure awesome action finally kicking in. One thing of note is that the nature of this guy and his “friend” were not quite explained yet, which I assume was intentional since the writers wouldn’t want to flood us with too much information just yet.

First Impressions:
First of all, I gotta say this show is better than what I had expected, especially in the second half of the episode where the action started to pick up. Basically this first episode serves as a “background-information” type of episode, showing us the back story of the main protagonists. Also I have not read any spoilers or source material in regards to what I know, only the synopsis so I can at least understand basically what is going on.

One of the first things that came into mind was the artwork for this series. This is definitely not targeted at a shounen audience I feel, instead I believe it is aimed towards a more seinen type of audience? Let me elaborate more on the 4 P’s that I came up with for judging an introductory episode.

  • Plot
    What have we learned this episode? What direction is this series heading towards? Taking a potshot, I’m guessing that the Players are the primary antagonists and that in the next few episodes we should see our heroes grow up and develop their powers in order to defeat the Players. There maybe something darker involved though going by the PVs and the intended seinen audience.
  • Premise
    Not too badly done, the amount of information given was just right, stuff that needed to be introduced were done so, namely the protagonists. the whole Players thing and the general back story of the protagonists.
  • Pacing
    First half might just feel a tad bit slow, but on the overall there wasn’t any major pacing issues, the episode didn’t feel too rushed nor did it bore me enough to start pausing and getting side-tracked. I don’t really stress this enough but pacing is important especially when it comes down to the first episode since first impressions are important though they aren’t everything. *cough* Real life *cough*
  • Production
    I don’t really have a keen eye for this, nor am I good at pointing out flaws unless it is dead obvious, but I feel the animation isn’t that all bad. Faces were well drawn, as least the close-up shots were. BGM didn’t feel too out-of-place. Level of detail for out-of-focus objects is also decent, going by the screen caps that I have taken.

To summarize, I watched this episode without too much of an expectation because following 15+1 this season is a new record for me and I was halfheartedly hoping that I could drop a couple of series but damn I was proven wrong. I will continue to watching Zetman, and as for the actual odds of continuing coverage I would say it is decent to good at this point, since the golden rule is maximum of one show per day and my Tuesdays/Wednesdays aren’t occupied yet. Once again it really depends on how the subsequent shows turn out and the actual days where I get down to watching everything.

PS: Actual number of screen caps is 28, from this point I’m just going to stick with multiples of 4, though I THINK 24 should be the minimum. Sometimes I just want to use them all instead of cutting down to 24, the more the merrier right? Hmm for some reason the numbering is kinda messed up and I have no idea why. Too lazy to re-do it since I’ve already done the captions so bear with it, though it doesn’t really matter since it only makes linking the pictures more of a pain in the ass than anything.


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