Never thought I’d do this..

Happy Birthday Makoto! Celebrating Birthdays for fictional 2D characters really kind of baffles me yet here I am doing the exact same thing. Thankfully my “level” is not high enough to start buying cakes and popping champagne and whatnot. I did however scour pixiv for pictures and thankfully there are also some dedicated fans around. That place is brimming with hidden talents I tell ya. With my artistic abilities being close to zero, if I had 10%, or even 5% of their skills I would be satisfied.

Yes I like Makoto, she’s my favourite character from Blazblue. She has a nice body *erhem*; nice tail; nice personality; nice seiyuu and nice moves – by that I meant fighting moves in-game. Therefore, enjoy these delicious pictures! I was referring to the cake, if any is present. (Pictures are in medium resolution since accessing the full-sized ones requires an account)

In other unrelated news,

I also successfully managed to marathon Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou lit. The Daily Lives of High School Boys. While it falls under the comedy and slice-of-life genres, this series is different from the usual comedy, slice-of-life series. To sum it up in simple layman terms, this series and its comedy is either a hit-or-miss. Personally speaking, most of them were misses and the jokes range from:

  • Is this supposed to be even funny?
  • I get the joke but I’m not laughing
  • Yes this amuses me a little
  • LOL (rarely)

Make no mistake, this show is more of a parody, a satirical attempt to mock genres of the same type, most notably *-On! (see what I did there). It ridicules the usual obligatory beach; onsen; cultural festival; summer festival scenes and other normal aspects of school life. Also the whole notion that anything high school girls do are considered cute.

Ultimately, this is a difficult show to recommend. Not because it is bad, but it is hard; at least for me; to fully appreciate the nuances that this show has.

PS: New season has started for me! Expect Accel World and Zetman to be done sometime later, or tomorrow, depending on where you live.


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