All good things..

Must come to an end. Indeed, upon much consideration of the hardships and disapproval that lies ahead, I have decided to..

Q Press on and persevere. Happy April’s Fool Day! I kinda like this day because it would be fun to see what tricks different parts of the world can pull off on this day. Google’s 8-bit maps was perhaps the most widely spread around joke. Blizzard has had some too, but the ones this year by them were sort of lackluster compared to the previous few. Anyways, a little harmless trolling can’t hurt can it?

In other unrelated new, I managed to successfully marathon Rinne no Lagrange in one sitting today. Previously I watched episode one of the pre-air, since at that point it was the transitioning period between the seasons (much like now, meaning there isn’t much to watch). While it wasn’t bad, I didn’t quite take a liking to it either and since it wasn’t on my plan-to-watch list, I stopped watching it..Until I sort of realized the general reception of that show was fairly positive.

Since the main character was also voiced by the same person who did Kanna in Ano Natsu, that was a huge plus for me. So what were my (quick) impressions on the show as a whole?

  • This show is weird (not in a bad way)
    I don’t know the exact words for it, but this series mixes comedy, mecha/sci-fi, slice-of-life along with a little sprinkle of yuri undertones. It is thus a strange formula, but it somehow works. Do note that it isn’t for everyone though, since the above mentioned genres don’t exactly mix well in the first place. Still, this show does it almost perfectly.
  • That ending though..
    The way the story ended along with the sequence it ended in was rather bizarre. We were shown the epilogue (pretty much) along with the ED in the first couple of minutes and I was literally going “Huh, did I watch the correct episode?” Bad sequencing aside (I don’t see a point in doing this apart to confuse watchers), thankfully there is a second season underway since many plot elements were left unexplained, for the better or worse.
  • Great (?) episodic structure
    The way the episodes were done is that each episode focuses on a certain theme. For example this episode was for this character, this particular episode focuses on plot, this one was just for fun and laughter. In a way the various genres were mixed, yet not mixed at the same time because each episode distinctly has their own agenda, which is once again, a debatable point.
  • Villains not quite villains
    I said it, another debatable point is that the antagonists aren’t quite the usual dose of bad guys who just want to see the world burn. Their objective at this point isn’t quite clear-cut yet, so I hope season two will shed some light on this.
  • When girl meets mecha
    I should take a screen shot for this, but nope please use Google since I am lazy. The mecha element (I am ok with mecha but not exactly a fan of the genre) of this show is surprisingly, arguably good. Apart from showing a transparent-cockpit-view of girls riding robots instead of the usual mecha fare, the visuals itself was well done.
  • Symbolism
    A very minor point but something subtle that I really liked about this show is the symbolism of chairs. At the end or somewhere throughout an episode, a shot of the chairs representing the girls was shown to represent the state of affairs between them. It was cute, yet meaningful at the same time.
  • To summarize
    The shortest conclusion I can give for those who are on the fence about this show: If you prefer “serious” shows then this one is not for you. If you are the not-so-serious type then this show can definitely be a treat to watch. How else would cellphones operate under the ocean and how does writing letters from space work? Oh and a vending machine that only dispense one type of drink?



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