Black Rock Shooter 8 FINAL

Rant on Ranting:
I just want to go on a short rant about people ranting because it absolutely makes no sense to me whatsoever. The finale of Guilty Crown aired earlier and from what little I’ve seen, people are just bashing series non-stop about how bad of a show it is. While the unfortunate victim is GC in this case, as all the hype it generated kind of backfired, I just don’t see a point for people to bash ANY show for any reason. Are there worse shows out there? Certainly. Do they deserved to be bashed too? Nah. I swear people these days will find any reason to bash any show, good or bad. Personally, I just ask myself a couple of questions:

  • Is there any POSITIVE areas/aspects to learn/take from the show? If yes what are those?
  • Does it belong to the “so bad it’s good” category? If yes continue watching

If the answer is no, then simply don’t watch it. Everyone has different tastes. There is simply no point in nonconstructive criticism. Yes you can explain why said show is bad, but there is nothing positive to be gained when discussions revolve around “O GC IS TERRIBAD LOLZ WAT WUR TEY TINKING?”

tl;dr: Nothing positive comes out of bashing a show.

IBRS and Strength Yuu continue their battle in the other world. Yuu Strength decides to save Mato by sacrificing herself so that that will forcibly eject Yuu back into reality once again. Mato stops IBRS by showing her resolve. When she comes to, she realizes that she herself has taken on the form of BRS.

Mato basically wants to be hurt instead of having BRS bear the suffering for her. After all, how can a rainbow be a rainbow if you take one or two colours away from it? IBRS retorts its unfair to get hurt without hurting anyone else. Mato thinks of her favourite book, and the various colours she wants to see and once again gains another “power up” in a form of a machine gun.

Back in the real world, the various girls find themselves crying uncontrollably, possibly realizing that they have lost something precious within themselves. This lead to a chain reaction of their other selves being revived and lending their power to BRS to create this uber BADASS CANNON, who promptly pulled the “I win” trigger.

In the aftermath, the various “stages” of the other world seemed to have merged into one. Yuu laments on having to face reality once more and not being able to cope with it. Strength shares her last words with Mato before dissipating into colours of a rainbow. Yuu and Saya finally are reunited along with Mato and Yomi. The girls regain their memories and live happily ever after. In the epilogue we see Strength reborn as well as BRS stating her will to continue fighting.

Overall thoughts and impression:
I tried to keep the summary as summarily as possible so I can explore the series as a whole down here. As with Nisemonogatari, there isn’t alot of “plot” in BRS. The “thing” to take home from watching this episode and BRS as a series is the underlying meaning of “Don’t be afraid to get hurt” As much as we hate the feeling of getting hurt; sadness; failure etc, if we overcome and accept those feelings, it will make us a better and stronger person as a whole. As much as we fear stepping into the unknown, whether making controversial decisions will backfire, if we dare to take the first step, sometimes things might not be as bad as they seem to be. There is a saying that goes: “The only thing in the world that we should fear is fear itself.” That was the message I got from watching BRS.

I’m not going to bash on the various plot holes and on how the series ended or that certain scenes made no sense, which can be confusing for some people. Remember that the whole BRS franchise originated from an illustration. I personally think it’s amazing that an illustration lead to a vocaloid song being produced, slowly leading to the OVA (which I watched quite some time back) and even various figures, PSP game and finally the TV series itself to be released. If I had to pick 3 points why this series deserved to be watched, I would say watch it for the visuals; music (in the other world) and character designs.

Worth watching?
The short answer is yes and the long answer is no. Why yes? The visuals and animation was simply stunning, and I usually don’t pay too much attention to these, while I was taking caps I found out that the level of detail put into the art was beautiful. Also it is 8 episodes instead of the usual 12 13 if you are on a tight schedule.

Why no? This show is not going to be everybody’s cup of tea. It is not your general *insert genre* show that is easy to get into. It requires a little bit of thought and it basically lacks a “larger picture”, or what people like to call plot. Character interaction and development were OK. It can be confusing at times as to what exactly is going before an explanation of sorts come along.

To put it in my perspective, I think of it as the show who is ranked somewhat in the middle this season. If I have to watch absolutely the best, then skip this, if I want to watch what I usually watch, skip this, but if I want to try out something different for a change, this is the show you are looking for.


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