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So, I didn’t expect to write this post. Until I started snooping around the internet and realized that today, or technically yesterday, 3 very different yet similar events were held.

1. MLG Winter Championships
While I do not play SC2, I do try and follow the competitive scene because watching SC2 is simply an art. In real life sports such as soccer for example, people are able to appreciate the strategies and intricacies of the game and how it is played. Simply put, it is a treat to watch. Halo and several FGs (fighting game) are also included in this 3-day event.

edit: Throwing in an impromptu screenshot off the FG stream.

2. Blazblue Revolution
I never thought I’d get so attached to this FG. All I can say that this FG is severely underrated and therefore not well-known outside of Japan. I’ll probably cover more on this at a later time, just wanted mention this particular event out for 3 reasons.

  • There will be no Blazblue at EVO’12 this year (America’s biggest FG tournament)
  • There will be no Blazblue at SBO’12 this year (Japan’s biggest FG tournament)
  • The prize money is a wooping 1 million yen; 300k; 100k for top 4 finishes respectively, making it the highest paying tournament in Japan.

Sadly the results are not fully updated yet. But for more pictures on the event do visit Blazblue Revo’s twitter!

From my limited reading of Japanese characters I spotted only 3 Makoto players ๐Ÿ˜ฆ As well as recognizing quite a number of the more well-known players in the scene.

3. Tokyo Anime Fair 2012
I could have been there this year to check out both the TAF and BB:Revo but alas travel plans fell apart. There will always be another year though!

It is interesting to note that the attendance for this year is lower compared to 2010. (2011 canceled due to the earthquake) Possibly due to the boycott by several publishers in reaction to a controversial bill by the government.


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