Nisemonogatari 11 FINAL

“Can I have some Mister donuts?”, I said with a posed look along with a toothbrush in my mouth. Although this post is a few days late I just wanted to get it out because one does not simply watch anime and not mention about Nisemonogatari.

I lost count on whether this is the third or fourth time that I am watching this episode. I’m going to try a new (proper) method of capping using Media Player Classic and on the 720p which I viewed this episode in. I’m not sure how the caps are going to turn out on YOUR side of the screen but at least it is not going to be LQ anymore so yay!

Also going to try a new method (not style) of writing. Basically I’m going to watch, pause and cap, write before continuing again. This way it allows me to better flesh out my thoughts instead of reviewing the episode as a whole. It also means I have to probably watch an episode 2 times and hopefully no more than that.

Once again actual post after the break

Along with an arrangement of Platinum Disco instead of the usual OP, we have a monologue of Shinobu explaining the true nature of the “Phoenix“, which turns out to be yet another fake. Well played by the author indeed. The fake “Phoenix”, is actually a dying cuckoo who possess the wombs of mothers in order to reborn itself much like a Phoenix. Like its real life counterpart, the cuckoo takes the place of the baby, like how the real one pushes the eggs off the nest of the other birds and lays its own eggs in their place. Thus, in this case, a fake sister is borne who is actually a fake Phoenix in nature.

Karen arrives back home and is shocked (who wouldn’t be) to see a gaping hole at the front of her house. As for whether that dump truck tale is believable or just Karen choosing not to doubt her brother, I’ll leave it up to the readers to decide. “Will you be able to die for me or Tsukihi?” When Karen answers “Yes, without a doubt” it seems to affirm Koyomi’s resolve to set things straight, not before stealing a kiss from Tsukihi. It was hilarious to see Tsukihi’s PLATINUM MAD reaction, though Koyomi admits it did not feel exciting nor did he enjoy it. In hindsight this also means that Koyomi still sees Tsukihi as his sister and not as a fake after realizing her nature.

By setting things straight I mean “fighting” Kagenui. Shinobu appears and decides to help Koyomi, as well as getting power up beforehand. Before the “fight” actually starts though, it turns out that not only does Kagenui know Oshino, she even knows Kaiki and the trio were actually university classmates, talk about a small world after all. Kagenui questions Koyomi whether he will still look at Tsukihi the same way after discovering that she is a fake sister. As expected of Koyomi though, he answers with style and swag: “I can. No, I’ll lover her even more. Isn’t it hot, having a sister who isn’t your real sister?!” Truer words have never been spoken, coming from my point of view.

The “fight” itself is not so much in essence a physical fight even though blood was shed, bones were broken. But rather a war of words, with each side trying to justify their course of action. But damn, vampires can sure take a hell of a beating huh. Both side of the battles ended up being pretty much one sided. And finally it is time for Koyomi to stage his “comeback” speech which will even make a certain Touma feel ashamed.

It is true that we should not force our ideals on others, no matter how right we think we are. People all think differently and operate differently, but even so, Koyomi is willing to shoulder all the burden and consequences it takes to continue lying to his family about the truth behind Tsukihi. *Puts on thinking cap* At this point we are presented with two debatable topics:

  • Are humans fundamentally evil or good?

Without going off track too much, there is no real definite answer to the first. The nature of people also depends on what kind of environment they were nurtured in. Take for example in times of need, a war situation or money situation, will you help someone who is in trouble? Sure you can help a friend, but a stranger? Sure you can spare some cash, but how much is too much? There has to be a line drawn somewhere. Different people will have different thresholds for doing a good deed or bad. It is tricky to answer, as there are many external factors involved, but if I had to pick one without any external influences, I would say that humans are fundamentally good. Babies are pure, untainted. Deep down inside no matter how rotten and selfish we are, no one is completely evil.

  • When given a real thing and an indistinguishable fake, which is worth more?

A) The real thing.
B) Both are of equal value.
C) The fake, since its worth has been raised to match the real thing.

Admittedly, I never really thought of C) until I began to think of it from that perspective, which is true. Once again, it depends on the perspective of each individual, much like the half full half empty glass question.

After those words of wisdom, Kagenui proceeds to leave and via unlimited bladeworks rulebook, she decides to make Tsukihi an exception thanks to Koyomi. Finally the episode ends off with Koyomi deciding to introduce his girlfriend to his sisters with a piano arrangement of the OP. (If I remember correctly this is the first and only appeareance of Hitagi in Tsukihi’s arc)

Overall impression:
Make no mistake, while Nisemonogtari is without a doubt top 3 material of the season, it might not be everybody’s cup of tea. The pacing for one, is slower than the norm. Two, it is very much dialogue heavy, which might not be everybody’s cup of tea. Three, some people complain that this show contains too much ecchi, compared to Bakemonogatari. But to me the two shows are different. Having a perverted yet still as-cool-as-ever Koyomi adds points to my book as well. People might not realize it, but this show explores the word Nisemono on many different levels. Namely:

  • The idea of being fake heroes of justice
  • Kaiki being a fake
  • The bee phenomenon being a fake
  • The fake phoenix
  • A fake sister
  • Determining the value between a real and a fake

Still, top-notch animation. Great seiyuu casting and great job done by them. Music wise, need I say more? While the actual “plot” isn’t anything to write home about, lets face it, this show does not even need said “plot” to be good. That is how good and unique this show is. Does any other non-Monogatari show have this kind of animation style and dialogue? Not that I know of, The Monogatari universe expands further more with the introduction of new characters, more character development for the Fire Sisters as well as Shinobu.

If anything, I can’t wait for Kizumonogatari to air later this year and for the rest of Nisioisin’s works to be animated. The show was hype before it aired and it lived up to its hype, after all, what show revolutionizes the way one looks at a toothbrush? (refer to episode 8), Nisemonogatari of course. Just a couple of questions remain:

  1. Where can I buy love for 298 yen?
  2. Where can I buy that banana chair(?)
  3. Where can I buy that donut hoodie?

Up till this point it has taken me approximately 3 hours to finish writing this post, all that remains after this is to upload and do some linking minor edits (yay no editing needed) to the screen caps. Another half an hour or so to finish everything image related.


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  1. Kaladbolg says:

    New site. congratz. The conclusion to tsukihi phoenix feels rushed though. will make sure to read the novels for greater detail.

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