AnoNatsu 11

Before I start, I want to mention that for this particular episode the screen caps are taken with a screenshot program while I watch the video through a streaming site. IE SD/LQ caps. Afterwards the pictures are cropped out using WordPress tools. There are probably more effective methods to going about doing this, But hey I try to use the minimum tools I can. I figured if I downloaded the episode and played in a player with screen capping / frame by frame abilities perhaps I could shave off a few minutes here and there. Oh well.

Also this is my first (technically speaking) post so YES my screen capping skills are bad. I was contemplating whether to cap more delete later or to keep it to a bare minimum of 4-8. I went with the latter first so I wouldn’t spend an eternity editing and selecting which shots to use. From then on I will probably adjust and see how many caps to use. My writing style is going to feel wonky because I haven’t really decided on what kind of approach to use.

tl;dr This is more or less a test post for me to get a general feel and flow of how is it like to do a proper post and then adjust from thereon.

Actual post after the break:
First off, I have to say that my understanding of this episode is mostly based on my raw listening skills because the subs were consistently lagging behind by a few seconds. So me being me, I didn’t bother to find a fixed version and went ahead anyway.

From where we left off last week, the motive of Ichika’s sister Emika (Horie Yui) is revealed. Oh wow, I actually guessed correctly prior to checking the voice behind her. And to no one’s surprise she came to bring Ichika back with her because there would be no more plot if that didn’t happen. They proceeded to have a Meet-The-ParentsSiblings session where long story short Ichika has to leave and she doesn’t want to. She leaves in a huff only to bump into Tanigawa, walking around in socks for that matter. Ichika spills the beans to Tanigawa and once again Tanigawa berates her for not persisting strongly enough.

Kaito offers to go to space with Ichika since staying on Earth wasn’t an option during a seperate Q&A session with Emika. Remon shows up unexpectedly at the end, what could she be up to? ufufufu~ Tetsurou and Mio ended up spending most of the day waiting for nothing since everyone else was up to something, Mio doesn’t mind of course but I feel for you Tetsurou. Back to the main duo, they have a lovely dovey moment together before what seems like a goodbye kiss. That is such a classic move. It was almost goodbye until Rinon appears to be held hostage, except not really. The cast proceeded to sort their feelings out and decided WE WANT TO BE TOGETHER no matter what. Poor Tanigawa.

Once again Remon steals some spotlight and claims (idea courtesy or Emika) that there is a way for Ichika to stay, and that way is to find THE PLACE Ichika was searching for in order to um..I’m lost. This is my interpretation of what is going on, finding THAT PLACE means the following:

  1. Since Emika scans show that THAT PLACE does not exist, Remon believes that it might have been tempered by aliens prior to them visiting Earth.
  2. This means that they have to find it to prove that it actually exists.
  3. In turn Earth will no longer be graded as development F due to previous alien interference and thus Ichika can stay.

Honestly I’m not totally convinced at the method described by Remon but the cast then raids the school archives and started piecing maps together. I’m not sure if that is helpful either since it is just a geological feature of the area? This is the time where Google Maps really help. Or might that be blocked by alien technology too? The duo share one last moment together along with the suggested “lap pillow” before Tanigawa interjects. Alas the MIB Space Federal Police arrives and oh noes teleporting doesn’t work anymore.

Once again leave it to Remon, not only does she drives but does it like in NFS. She even pimped out her van(?) while trying to evade her pursuers. It finally comes down to the “lets sacrifice ourselves and act as a bait” moment, Mio doesn’t mind yet again. Hey guys, isn’t it a tad bit dangerous? Especially when dealing with aliens you know.. Ironically, Kaito begins to film the remainder of the movie that they have started because their plot simply became reality. Should have seen that coming. The van hits an invisible object and we are left with the magical question: “Will they find THAT PLACE or not?”

At this point it has taken me 2 hours and 20 minutes to do everything from a blank page till this point. The road ahead is going to be long. I’m still trying to refine my writing style and review the episode less objectively and more subjectively. I need to take more screen caps as well..Perhaps might try a different layout next time.

As for the episode itself, while it is not as emotional as the last few, it certainly is setting up the stage for the finale next week. Plot conveniences were OK for the most part, except Emika’s plan which still has me scratching my head. The geological maps made little sense too. Still, this show is SOOO good. Once again this is my first and “testing the waters” type of post so I’ll be making adjustments slowly.

Edit: Major screen cap fail, had to remedy after viewing the post. At least I found a better way to cap next time. Thankfully I didn’t cap too much or I’ll flip tables trying to correct each and every one of them. Also found out thumbnails galleries are better to use instead of medium-sized pics so next post should contain screen caps in multiples of 4. Probably expect around 16-24.


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